Podzilla 1985

Broadcast Schedule

September 12, 2018


Sunday - Nerd Up

Host:  Jesse Kimball

Cast:  Mandy Kennedy, Asa Gray, Dalton Anthony, and Lindsey Wolfgong

This show focuses on all things nerdy - video games, comic books, cartoons, card games, etc.

Tuesday (Rotating) - Mr. 100 and The Five Star Man

Host:  Seanán Young

Cast:  Asa Gray, Ally Hebert

Seanán and Asa team up to bring you their critiques on the terrible things that are happening in the world.  Sometimes they talk about stuff that makes them happy, but it's mostly just anger.

Tuesday (Rotating) - I Want to Believe

Host: Seanán Young

Cast: Tanner Calvert, Ally Hebert, Calvin Hebert

PZ85 returns to it's roots with this monthly show that dives into the unknown. Ghosts, aliens, demons - anything and everything is up for grabs.

Tuesday (Rotating) - Untitled Comic Show

Host: Jesse Kimball

Cast: Asa Gray, Dalton Anthony

In the vein of the Marvelous Jesse & Chris, this show is dedicated to all about comic books and it's fandom!

Tuesday (Rotating) - pWu Presents

Host:  Asa Gray

Cast:  Dalton Anthony, Ally Hebert, Seanán Young

This pWu spinoff showcases interviews with individual wrestlers - road stories, how they got into the business, favorites, and everything else!

Wednesday - Pro Wrestling Unscripted

Host:  Seanán Young

Cast:  Asa Gray, Dalton Anthony, Ally Hebert

This show focuses on all things wrestling - news, opinions, previews, interviews, and more!

Thursday - Podzilla After Dark (PZ85 AD)

Host:  Seanán Young

Cast:  Lindsey Wolfgong, Jesse Kimball, Mandy Kennedy

Thursday is an uncensored look at pop culture. From music to TV, movies to current events, everything is on the table with no rules or restrictions.



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