September 20, 2021

Nerd Up….?

We're not exactly sure what happened. Wires got crossed and we ended up with Jesse, Seanan, Asa, Hunter, Lindsey, and Tanner on a show together talking about Shang-Chi, movie theater experiences, Power Rangers toys, and much more. Not bad for a complete accident!

The boys are back in the saddle, and tonight they're talkin' a whole mess about Norm Macdonald, disappearing girlfriends, the men who murdered them, and Dark Side of the Ring's look at the plane ride from hell. Yikes, Ric Flair. F***ing yikes.

Tonight we mourn the loss of comedic genius Norm Macdonald, blast CBS for their tone deaf new gameshow, dive into Nicki Minaj's reason for not getting vaccinated, tear apart James Wan and Malignant, and share five hidden gems in our Spotify playlists!

A familiar face returns as the crew of the Midnight Coterie prepare for their most dangerous mission yet - avoiding attention, fitting in with the most elite in the entire galaxy, and convincing an heiress into helping their cause. 

It's the darkest timeline. Bail Organa calls the Midnight Coterie home to continue their quest to rescue Jedi master Denia, but it's been six months since the destruction of the Resurgence and our heroes are spread across the galaxy. Fear, distrust, and vengeance is in the air - tonight the adventure begins again.

September 11, 2021

HORSE TIME - Betty White Flags

It's the second hour(ish) of Horse Related Humor (c), and the boys go heavy talking about the 20th anniversary of 9/11 before lightening the mood with talk about the upcoming PS5 games/the future of free to play. 

September 10, 2021

HORSE TIME - Past Horses

We may or may not have forgotten to post this last week. HORSE TIME IS BACK and this week we're talking about amazing things that we can't remember because it happened like a week ago, and in 2021 that is several years. Enjoy anyway!

A large cast assembles tonight to recap President Biden's explosive announcement today regarding COVID and the workforce, remind you about how bad the new Mortal Kombat film was, share some wise (?) words from a conservative voice, declare the MF'er of the week, AND TALK ABOUT OUR FAVORITE HORSIES!

AEW's All Out was this past Sunday and it isn't hyperbole to say that the landscape of professional wrestling has been shaken to its core! Come hang out as Dalton and Asa rundown the results of AEW's biggest PPV yet!

85AD is back with a vengeance! Tonight we put the heat on Texas in the wake of their new abortion laws, school racism, and mask mandates! Sorry, Ciro! Plus - Joe Rogan is a complete idiot and Lindsey is back with an all new top 5!

This week Asa is joined by special guest Adam Gumbert! Adam is from Respawn Aim Fire, ECG Podcast, and Isle of Misfit Rolls and brings his wrestling fandom to the news of the week! This week we discuss Adam Cole's free agency status, breaking news regarding NXT leadership, and do a deep dive on this Sunday's AEW All Out card (that is immediately outdated with the news that PAC vs Andrade won't be happening and the Women's Battle Royal will be on the main card).

PZ85 is officially back! Tonight - Hunter, Seanan, Lindsey, Cody (and the ghost of Tanner) get back in the swing of things, preview the upcoming return to Star Wars, and talk about the adventures their characters have been on since the beginning of Plays! Welcome back, Kotter!

So....anything cool happen in wrestling this week? Listen to this week's episode and Dalton and Asa will let you know!

PWU returns! Asa is back with another solo show! The NXT Black Friday releases are discussed, but there's also a lot of GOOD news this week! Plus the preview for Summerslam and NXT Takeover 36!

It's a surprisingly dark (no pun intended) show tonight, as the gang talks about mask mandates, child murderers, sociopaths, Chris Chan, and more. We also pay tribute to comedian Trevor Moore and Lindsey tricks us into revealing our YouTube histories!

The Thursday night gang is back and boy, will they wish they weren't. On tonight's show - the arrest of the most documented person in history (for an unbelievable reason), the lawsuit against Blizzard and what that means for our world...of Warcraft, the return of COVID, and an all new Top 5 to get the taste out of our mouths!

Dalton and Asa return with another Pro Wrestling Unscripted! The surprising release of Bray Wyatt, Adam Cole's contract status, and the fallout from Faye Jackson's trial all this and more!

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