April 2, 2020

Brandon Rundles Memorial

In this out of character episode, Tanner sits down to share personal stories for his best friend. Given the circumstances in the world currently, we'll use this medium for family and friends to share these thoughts on Brandon. So sit back and smile, laugh, cry, or whatever you feel led to do as we remember a beautiful soul.

Tonight is our final episode in the horror themed October rotation, and we get deep about the Final Four of 2019's Monster Bash - The Thing, Jason, Freddy, and Pennywise. We also talk about the horror films we've watched this October, and scare Tanner to death by outright destroying his beloved Crystal Lake murderer.

When Tanner is away, it's time to play the name game! Tonight we get EERIE with a new real life ghost story from Mr. 100, CREEPY as we discuss the ongoing horror tournament you can vote on right now, and SPOOPY when we discuss the legendary "final girls" from horror cinema!

We continue the horror themed shows this week with a long discussion about Predator 2 (and who's actually seen it), movie monsters, scary aliens, and we set up the brackets for Podzilla 1985's epic monster battle - we pick 16 of cinema's most terrifying monsters and you vote on who the best is!

It's back! After Dark has been transformed by the fear in the air into Terrifying Tanner Thursday! And tonight we give our faithful listeners another list of movies to watch...and movies to AVOID...this Halloween!

April 20, 2017

Podzilla After Dark (?)

Tonight's show - find out who is thirsty for a Mandyshake, who the cast has killed, why Bill O'Reilly's firing isn't good enough, what we REALLY think of Piderman/Baman, and more! ...what's that familiar but musky voice we hear!?!?

February 2, 2017

Tanner Thursday

Tanner Thursday gets heated this week as Mr. 100, Jesse, Lindsey, and the Big D talk about the controversial push to lift the ban of selling guns to the mentally ill. They also tackle the circle of life nonsense over at Gamestop, and try to end the night on a positive note.

January 26, 2017

Tanner Thursday

Are you ready for some random? This week Mr. 100, Jesse, and Lindsey talk about punching Nazis, Youtube plans, what we've been up to, job history, and more!

January 12, 2017

Tanner Thursday

Tonight's show is all about education - why teachers deserve so much more, how frustrating it is for students being forced to take pointless classes in relation to their interests, and more that we need to vent about. Also, of course, those adorable personal stories about our personal educational hells.

This week the all star panel says goodbye to 2016 with less than kind words. From Trump to Harambe and all the deaths in between, we break 2016 down like the cruel bastard it is. For sanity's sake we also mention the good things that happened this year, and share our own personal highlights of the weirdest year of our lives.

Join us by the fire and spread the holiday cheer with Seanán, Jesse, Lindsey, and Mandy. Twas the show before Christmas, and all through the podcast, not a topic was thought out ahead of time, so....here ya go. Merry Christmas!!!

December 15, 2016

The Gift of Tanner Thursday

We're continuing the Christmas celebration this week by harkening back to the days of yesteryear - when Christmas was awesome and gifts were still exciting. Come listen to the Thursday gang (and Mandy!) talk about their favorite and most memorable Xmas gifts. And we read some of yours on the air!

We take a page out of our Halloween playbook this week and present our beloved listeners with the 12 things you HAVE to watch this Christmas season. From Christmas carols to jug bands, we count down our Yuletide favorites. And, of course, we read yours on the air!

December 1, 2016

Tanner Thursday

It's a full house this week as Mr. 100, the Five Star Man, Dalton, Jesse, and Lindsey talk about their collections. From video games to toys and comics, the cast of PZ85 have interesting tastes. Plus - we read YOUR collections on the air!

This is it! In the final episode for Pokemon month on Podzilla 1985 we reveal our custom gyms for the challenge we announced months ago! We cover all of the gyms tonight - from Dalton's poison labs to the ghost mansion overlooking the city. Sorry, Tanner. Enjoy!

November 10, 2016

Tyrunt Thursday

This week the Thursday crew is joined by old friend and first time guest Matt Sinn to talk about their favorite Pokemon games! Come for the opinion, stay for the baffling discussion about Digimon that leaves Seanán and Matt speechless. Enjoy all this and Lindsey's endless rage!

November 3, 2016

Tyranitar Thursday

Pokémon month officially launches tonight on Podzilla 1985! In celebration of Sun & Moon's release, we're going to celebrate Pocket Monsters all month long! Tonight the gang talks about their first experiences with the cultural phenomenon, the anime, give a preview of their custom gyms, and much more! Plus - one final plea.

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