A familiar face returns as the crew of the Midnight Coterie prepare for their most dangerous mission yet - avoiding attention, fitting in with the most elite in the entire galaxy, and convincing an heiress into helping their cause. 

It's the darkest timeline. Bail Organa calls the Midnight Coterie home to continue their quest to rescue Jedi master Denia, but it's been six months since the destruction of the Resurgence and our heroes are spread across the galaxy. Fear, distrust, and vengeance is in the air - tonight the adventure begins again.

PZ85 is officially back! Tonight - Hunter, Seanan, Lindsey, Cody (and the ghost of Tanner) get back in the swing of things, preview the upcoming return to Star Wars, and talk about the adventures their characters have been on since the beginning of Plays! Welcome back, Kotter!

We're taking a break from a galaxy far far away, and Cody is stepping in once again to lead a group of adventures through the land of Dungeons & Dragons. This time the Man Himself and the Cazman join the quest!

It's the finale of a Reckoning of Wraiths! Tonight our heroes face impossible odds in their quest to save their friends and allies! With death staring them directly in the face, can the crew of the Coterie (and a mysterious new friend) succeed?


*Recorded much earlier, but due to office relocation we're posting our "lost episodes" in one giant block!

We're closing in on the end of the Reckoning, and tonight is packed with action and danger! Our heroes rush to save their comrades in the middle of a firefight, but an even more devastating fate awaits them if they can survive their own heroics.

It's a two part episode today! First up, after the grisly ending to the last episode, our heroes find themselves surrounded by the Empire and knee deep in the dead! If they can manage to escape, an even bleaker fate may await them!

We start hot and heavy this week with a good old fashioned shoot out in a saloon! Tensions are high, weapons are out, and the episode ends with an absolute punch to the gut. 

It's the start of a new adventure in a galaxy far, far away! Our heroes are in hiding on Coruscant after the spire falls, but old friends and revelations have to wait, as they are assigned to track down an Imperial defector in the seedy underbelly of the metropolis! 

Tonight is the finale to the Core of Corruption! Our heroes find themselves in an impossible situation - trapped in a shady Imperial tower, surrounded by enemies, and holding on to vital information with no way out. As they try to escape with plans for the Saarlac Project, they come face to face with their greatest nightmare, as a familiar face makes a shocking return. 

The saga continues! Our heroes find themselves trapped in an impossible situation during their pursuit of the Saarlac Project. Can they survive, or is this the end of the dawn of defiance?

Tonight we solve the intergalactic mystery of the ages - who ordered Burger King? Oh, also, our heroes have to sneak their way into an Imperial spire as they continue their search for the Saarlac Project. Who will jump first? WHO DO YOU THINK?

This week our heroes infiltrate one of Coruscant's hottest clubs in search of an Imperial agent with top secret info. This club has it all - drunken Sabacc playing Twi'leks, awkward dance floor Wookies, MTV's Dan Cortez...and just a hint of danger!

ACTION! DRAMA! Tonight starts with a bang and the action never lets up! Can the gang survive Hirani's sassiness and save their snitch? Find out tonight as we're knee deep in the corruption of Coruscant!

Our heroes and their new Zabrak friend descend deeper into the Imperial hellhole that is Coruscant in search of information. When they run afoul of another bounty hunter, will Hirani's loud mouth bite off more than they can chew?

It's the start of an all new adventure as the crew of the Midnight Coterie head towards Coruscant! What mysteries and danger will they find on the Imperial home planet?! What is Codu Sanducky doing in the PZ85 Plays Zone?!?

It's the final showdown between our heroes and the mysterious bounty hunter holding the secrets to the Sarlacc Project! Can Iris lead the team to survival? Can Sigurd use the power of the force to protect his allies? And WHO told Hirani it was a good idea to bring THERMAL DETONATORS? Tonight is the grand finale of the First to Strike!

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