No time for standard intros this week! Seanan and Hunter join Asa and Dalton for a special Wrestlemania review! From NXT to both nights of Mania, we're counting down the good and getting very loud and angry about the bad!

Asa and Dalton are back again and they've got plenty to say about The Undertaker's farewell, the #Creed4G4 success story, and Survivor Series!

Dalton Anthony runs down Hell in a Cell because it was the Big D Guarantee and you can take that to the bank! (Note from Seanan - ....da fuh?)

It's the oddest pWu cast in history as The Big D leads Derek and newcomer Sadie through all of the week's biggest news in professional wrestling!

This week on Pro Wrestling Unscripted Asa runs through the news of the week including Brock Lesnar's free agency, the PWI 500's choice for #1, Roman Reigns' new ally, and FINALLY some good news for once! He also runs down the results for WWE's Payback, and previews AEW's All Out!

A real life scare can't stop Pro Wrestling Unscripted - only delay it for a few hours! Tonight, Asa and Dalton tackle the hot topics in the wrestling world, including WWE Thunderdome troubles, the return of Wade Barrett, a huge injury for AEW, the departure of Renee Young, the Takeover/Summerslam review, and much more!

On tonight's show - a terrifying incident involving Sonya Deville, Renee Young's exit from WWE, Coronavirus news, the THUUUUNDERDOME, our Takeover/Summerlsam preview, and much more! Plus, three words that define a generation - SPINNING BIRD KICK!

Tonight the cast FINALLY argues about something and it gets heated! The pWu gang goes in depth about Pay McAfee in WWE, lawsuit trouble for Vince McMahon, a stupid and dangerous decision by Chris Jericho, NJPW news, and much more! We also pay our respects to Kamala, who sadly passed away this week at age 70.

This week on pWu we're not twerking hard - we're twerking smart (thanks, Katie!). Tonight we dive into the insane POSSIBLE MURDER CONFESSION from Marty Jannety, The Rock purchasing the XFL, WWE Network news, Twitch bannings, Talk'n'Shop-a-Mania, and we try to make sense of the goddamn entertainment sucking vacuum that was Monday Night RAW. 

Tonight on pWu we talk about how stupid Tyler Reks is, a bunch of debuts this week, Xavier Woods' G4 push, Ember Moons critical look at Sahsa Banks title win, AEW's continued success, and much more! IT'S HORSE TIME!

pWu is back this week to talk about an important declaration from Billy Corgan, a huge number of Impact debuts/returns, coronavirus news, good causes from Big E and Sami Zayn, and more! Plus - we gush over Slammiversary, and EVISCERATE The Horror Show at Extreme Rules!

Tonight on pWu we avoid beautiful s3x hackers and talk about WWE Battlegrounds, that new US title, Kairi Sane, good news for Sarah Logan, Summerslam, a HUGE NXT spoiler, and much more!

It takes two takes this week, and we take the opportunity tonight to talk about Tessa Blanchard being done with IMPACT, Michael Elgin's exile, the end of Joey Ryan, an anniversary for the New Day, a COVID outbreak in WWE, and more!

The #SpeakingOut moment has taken the wrestling by storm in the past week and exposed many names for some heinous acts. Tonight we discuss that, along with the COVID-19 scare at WWE, Paul Heyman being out as creative on RAW, and much more. 

It's the return of the long pWu shows! Tonight we recap In Your House, preview Backlash, express our love for Shotzi Blackheart, spend an uncomfortable amount of time trying to figure out who the Gator Master is, and much more!

With the state of the USA today, we decided to devote time on the show tonight to our favorite African American wrestlers and the incredible contributions they have made to the world of professional wrestling. Also tonight - another wrestling death to report, WWE adds a move to their ban list, British Strong Style does something wonderful, injury reports, releases, and more! It can all be summed up in two words - ICE TRAIN.

We start tonight's pWu with the heartbreaking story of Hana Kimura's passing and what needs to happen to stop this from happening again. We also cover the hottest news of the week, including AEW injuries, Drew Gulak's contract status, Jarrett vs. Anthem, Dark Side of the Ring, and more! Plus - we (sort of) recap Double or Nothing!

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