It's a strangely focused edition of the show tonight as Seanan, Hunter, and Cody get Yaddle-deep in Star Wars talk. From the prequels to the new trilogy, the Mandalorian to Rogue One - it's all in here. Plus we know what you really came here for - Christopher Lambert and Highlander. We got you covered. 

Tonight we have a very festive cold open and follow it up with talk about Return of the Living Dead, Married With Children, and F Discord in it's fat F'ing A. 

Tonight we pay our respects to the legendary duo of Alex Trebek and Sean Connery with another poor round of Celebrity Jeopardy! Then we get Dalton all hot and bothered, say some offensive things, waste time - you know, the usual Friday goodness.

It's a classic night of comedy on ye olde Horse Time. Join a cast of 5 as we EVER SO BRIEFLY touch on the election, post nonsense to crack each other, and somehow talk about video game rentals. Now stop listening to it like you're a pervert!

It's a shorter-than-usual show tonight as 2/3rd of the cast prepare to live stream with the 5 Star Man on Twitch, but we manage to pack in some questionable material, creepy video games, and whatever nonsense Tanner is spewing. 

It's a general rule that when at least 6 people are on the show, the show will be utter trash. Tonight we continue that tradition. But we know you won't take our advice and stay away - you kids love squalor. IT'S HORSE TIME!

Tonight Seanan and Hunter take on the task of horse timing as a duo! Enjoy elitist talk about films, video games, and more! Have you ever listened to a podcast called horse time that contains no talk about horses?

Tonight's show starts with a little special something and then dives into unheard of territory - Seanan's personal life, offensive humor, random nonsense, and Hamilton. Because of course. 

Seanan, Hunter, Tanner, Lindsey, and Derek cheer up your Friday night with a round of Jeopardy, a pinch of serious talk with the death of RBG, and then whatever nonsense ol' Perryville decides to bring up. CAREFUL - don't get beaned!

It's the end of the road for Seanan as he wraps up his final show with Podzilla 1985. How long will it last? Place your bet at r/Podzilla1985! Enjoy one last cold open (for now) with Double H and Dalton, and stay for more musical shuffley goodness.

There are moments in every podcast that are so amazing it changes the course of entertainment forever. This is not one of those moments. A special guest marks his place in PZ85 history, as we all sail away on the red ships of Spain!

Tonight's show is a bit of an odd experience. You can expect the normal wit, charm, and ridiculousness of our normal Friday show, but late in recording we found out that actor Chadwick Boseman had passed away at 43 after fighting cancer. We ended the show early, as we feel that comedy after the revelation would be in poor taste. Our hearts go out to Chadwick's family and his legion of fans. He will be dearly missed.

Tonight is another strange episode of the Friday show where we have an actual conversation - this time about comedy! We talk about our favorite stand up comedians, and yes, we mention Sinbad. Plus - Hunter, Dalton, and Cody tell us THEIR top documentaries, and Cody nearly blows your ears out in the name of COMEDY.

Our friend Josh from PS2J is back and gosh, he's gonna wish he wasn't. Tonight a bloated cast of 6 try to one up each other in the meme game, unless tech troubles further derail a show that was never on track to begin with.

Tonight on the podcast - four sobers and one drunkard discuss Pizza Hut, Kevin Smith, and other completely pointless topics you won't remember tomorrow after you sleep it off, Tanner. 

It's an actual full house tonight as Seanan, Hunter, Cody, Tanner, and Derek talk about food, more food, argue about food, debate food, and yes - more Chuck Tingle. 

It's a wild night on the Legendary show with a full house to talk about our favorite movies, Hamilton, and a very special cold open featuring H.R. Pickens!

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