We wrap up October of 2021 with one last Terrifying Tanner Thursday. We didn't expect the entire month to be trivia, but HERE WE ARE FOR ONE MORE ROUND! And trust us - you are absolutely not going to believe this one.

The fight continues! Tonight the crew of the Midnight Coterie find themselves up against impossible odds in a race against time. It's the bleakest timeline as the unthinkable happens to one of our heroes. And then it happens a few more times.

The deception is over and it's time for aggressive negotiations! Tonight the battle begins aboard a speeding train, and this will not end well for our heroes. 

Double H is in control this week and puts our cast in JEOPARDY with another devilishly delightful round of October trivia! Can Seanan emerge victorious without his rival? Does Tanner know what a titan is? Find out tonight!

What starts as a random argument about the value of the show turns into a meaningful discussion about Metroid, typecasting, and more. Who saw that coming? Time for these cowboys to ride into the sunset. 

After the HORRORS of last week's trivia, the resident PZ85 witch herself tries her hand at frightening the cast with a game of Trick or Treat. Can Double H retain his title? Will Seanán continue to suffer eternally? Is Tanner terrifying or terrified? Find out tonight!

Tonight the ghost train keeps rolling with 31 horror themed trivia questions curated by Seanán himself, most of which definitely earned the reputation of traumatizing. It's the show that finally killed off Seanán's love of doing the podcast!

Our heroes are undercover on board a party train with Imperial presence. Will they accomplish their mission to retrieve the codes to save their Jedi friend, or is this train heading for disaster?

October 4, 2021

Nerd Up 10-04-21

This episode Jesse and Asa are back to talk about Halo Infinite, Diablo 2 Resurrected, Smash Bros, and more!

Cody joins the show tonight to talk about scary movies we shouldn't have watched as kids, why Uwe Boll is the worst, hating Dennis Miller, and more! PLUS - Seanan discovers green screen and a half dead Double H joins near the end!

We're one day away from the spookiest time of the year, and in 2021 we're proud to bring back the classic - Terrifying Tanner Thursday! Tonight we October started right with 31 new things to watch on our creepy march to Halloween!

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