Horse Time is back! Tonight it's an...intelligent conversation about bias in journalism, Scarlett Johansson suing Disney over a broken contract, and the future of theaters in the new era of streaming? What the sugar cube?!

July 26, 2021

Nerd Up 07-26-21

This week it's Jesse and Asa talking about Death's Door, Black Widow, Loki, the Steam Deck, and more!

We're taking a break from a galaxy far far away, and Cody is stepping in once again to lead a group of adventures through the land of Dungeons & Dragons. This time the Man Himself and the Cazman join the quest!

Pro Wrestling Unscripted is back, we've got Punks and Goats, and nudes oh my! News on two hug free agents, recapping, two big PPVs, and the biggest legal case in the history of pro wrestling! All this and more on the newest PWU!

Real life "Indiana Jones," researcher, and History Channel/Travel Channel host Scott Wolter returns to PZ85 alongside his wife and acclaimed author Janet Wolter for our most explosive, controversial, and must listen to episode ever. Scott and Janet talk about everything from Kensington runestones, a mysterious visit that made them believers in extraterrestrials visiting Earth, aliens among us, politics, and much more! You won't believe what Scott and Janet disclose to us!

On this special edition of IWTB we interview paranormal journalist and historian Michael Huntington! The panel discusses the recent boom in UFO popularity, historical moments in extraterrestrial sightings, ghost hunting, and more!

PWU is back with not one, but TWO PPV previews, some great news for a local favorite, and the corporate shenanigans that led to Malakai Black's AEW debut!

It's the finale of a Reckoning of Wraiths! Tonight our heroes face impossible odds in their quest to save their friends and allies! With death staring them directly in the face, can the crew of the Coterie (and a mysterious new friend) succeed?


*Recorded much earlier, but due to office relocation we're posting our "lost episodes" in one giant block!

July 12, 2021

Nerd Up 07-12-21

This week the guys are doing a free form show talking about the new OLED Switch, Black Widow and more!

Dalton and Asa return to talk at length about the newest round of WWE releases, the potential of a "New Territories" system, Terry Funk's health update, and is it Malaki Blacks? Malachi Black? Either way he's announced himself!

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