Like cockroaches and Matt Hardy PWU will not die! Despite several technical difficulties we are back! Join Asa and Dalton as they discuss the news of the week in pro wrestling! NWA's Empowerrr, Diamond Mine, and Hell in a Cell talk! 

Tonight the seekers of truth talk about the new friendly relationship between mainstream media and the world of the paranormal, and answer live audience questions about ghosts, aliens, and more! Plus - who would YOU cast in an X-Files reboot?

We're closing in on the end of the Reckoning, and tonight is packed with action and danger! Our heroes rush to save their comrades in the middle of a firefight, but an even more devastating fate awaits them if they can survive their own heroics.

This week the guys are back to talk about all the news from the past weekend!  

This week we call out Kid Rock for...well, there are lots of reasons, but one in particular this time. We also talk about the testimony of magnetic anti-vaxxers, and Seanan gets in on the trivia game this week with questions so easy Kid Rock could probably answer them if he had help.

Tonight we're looking for the truth in a very shady place - within the US government. Will the upcoming report shed any real light on what has been invading our airspace, or is it just another smoke screen? Plus - killer A.I., the absolute limit to when your time is going to be up, and Tanner remotes in for a very poor decision!

Our heroes attempt a desperate escape from Coruscant, but come face to face with a small Imperial army and an AT-AT guarding the Midnight Coterie! A mysterious voice offers his help, but even with luck on their side can they break away from the planet and into something potentially even more dangerous?

It's a two part episode today! First up, after the grisly ending to the last episode, our heroes find themselves surrounded by the Empire and knee deep in the dead! If they can manage to escape, an even bleaker fate may await them!

The trivia is back! This week the Big D joins the Thursday show to play a round of animation trivia with predictably insane results. We also threw some stuff in there about Ellie Kemper and the continued insanity of Donald Trump, but absolutely NO vampires!

*Note, we had some issues recording due to a delay in the Discord call* Pro Wrestling Unscripted returns to cover the shocking releases, the rumored WWE NJPW partnership, AEW's toy announcements, and Double or Nothing!

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