It's the final two horse episode, and Seanan and Caz go out with a neigh - aliens, Sinclair broadcasting, religion, everything is on the table tonight! Double H, please come back!

PWU returns to cover the news in the world of Pro Wrestling as well as preview this weekend's Double or Nothing!

Tonight's all new IWTB is all about visitors from outer space! America is inching ever closer to the truth coming out, and tonight we talk about UAP's, famous sightings, our personal experiences, and what the hell the truth might actually be!

Tonight we're doing something a little different - we present the full audio of Horse Time, including the preshow, for your listening pleasure. It's a great look at some of the cast just...horsing around. And, yes Virginia, tonight's episode is 100% sponsored by an energy drink!

Tonight the gang talks about the bombshell that President Obama dropped about the existence of UFO's, name our MF'er of the week (Republicans might want to plug their ears), and enjoy some outdated trivia that Jesse clearly takes issue with. 

WHY DID YOU SAY THAT DATE?! It's May 19th and all of you Kanenites are welcome to join us as we break down the news of the week and share some of YOUR favorite memories of The Devil's Favorite Demon!

We start hot and heavy this week with a good old fashioned shoot out in a saloon! Tensions are high, weapons are out, and the episode ends with an absolute punch to the gut. 

Tonight it's just Seanan and Caz talking about their adventures in school, including such antics as - bomb threats, walking school grounds armed to the teeth, shutting down the journalism department, and more! Plus - Seanan flexes!

Tonight we hit all the usual beats - we talk politics and how the GOP has abandoned Liz Cheney and sanity, we talk entertainment and the arrest of Boogie2988, we talk about the news that masks are no longer necessary for the vaccinated, AND we talk about our top 5 favorite Adult Swim episodes! This episode is guaranteed to be 100% late!

Asa and Dalton are back again for another big week in Pro Wrestling! AEW hits the road, The New Day get a comic, In Your House returns, and WWE gets really!

It's the start of a new adventure in a galaxy far, far away! Our heroes are in hiding on Coruscant after the spire falls, but old friends and revelations have to wait, as they are assigned to track down an Imperial defector in the seedy underbelly of the metropolis! 

Tonight's episode of the horse related comedy hour is really meant for a specific audience - those keyboard warriors who decided they wanted to become a pro wrestler but lacked the talent or form to do it, so instead they created characters and wrestled their opponents WITH WORDS to figure out who the biggest nerd was.

It's all about fun tonight, so you absolutely won't hear about possible trouble in the Derek Chauvin verdict or the Republicans attempt to restructure the party as the party of Trump. Nope! Just fun and trivia!

Daniel Bryan enters free agency! Plus the full line up of Dark Side of the Ring, Mickie James receives a care package, and there's a new way to watch Impact! All of this and more on the newest edition of PWU!

Tonight is the finale to the Core of Corruption! Our heroes find themselves in an impossible situation - trapped in a shady Imperial tower, surrounded by enemies, and holding on to vital information with no way out. As they try to escape with plans for the Saarlac Project, they come face to face with their greatest nightmare, as a familiar face makes a shocking return. 

May 3, 2021

Nerd Up 05-03-21

This week the guys are talking about Marvel's Phase 4 sizzle real, DC's new horror imprint, Knights of the Old Republic, and at the end of the show a full spoiler discussion on Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

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