It's a crossover episode! Tonight the casts of AD and Horse Time join forces to talk about a whole lot of nothing, then discuss their favorite video game characters of all time in what's actually a clever ruse from Lindsey to talk about her new mobile game! 

The saga continues! Our heroes find themselves trapped in an impossible situation during their pursuit of the Saarlac Project. Can they survive, or is this the end of the dawn of defiance?

It's the return of a klassic! Asa and Seanan reunite for an in depth review of the new Mortal Kombat film! We diskuss our likes and dislikes, make fair komparisons to the 1995 klassic, and yes, deklare our outrage over Cole Young. PLUS - a kameo by The Man Himself!

Tonight the gang tries to not talk about current social issues and fail horribly, but they make up for it in the second half with an all new round of trivia that leaves Jesse baffled. Tonight's show features guest star Gordon Shumway as Pawn Star favorite Chumlee!

Asa and Dalton pay tribute to the 10 WWE Superstars who lost their jobs this week, as well as cover the other news in the wrestling world! We also preview this Sunday's sure to be historic Impact Rebellion!

Tonight we solve the intergalactic mystery of the ages - who ordered Burger King? Oh, also, our heroes have to sneak their way into an Imperial spire as they continue their search for the Saarlac Project. Who will jump first? WHO DO YOU THINK?

April 19, 2021

Nerd Up 04-19-21

This week Jesse and Dalton are talking about the Shang Chi trailer, Knives Out, Moon Knight, Mass Effect, and more!

April 16, 2021

HORSE TIME - A Smartface

This is the episode Seanan will never live down. Come join his shame and establish yourself as a smart face, a clean face, and a tough face. Plus - how many people are going to show up to his apartment!?

Lindsey hits us with more trivia this week, but this time she may have gone too far. Does ANYONE remember "Indian in the Cupboard" or the Stephen King classic "The Shawshank Gallery?" The train is off the rails early tonight. 

No time for standard intros this week! Seanan and Hunter join Asa and Dalton for a special Wrestlemania review! From NXT to both nights of Mania, we're counting down the good and getting very loud and angry about the bad!

This week our heroes infiltrate one of Coruscant's hottest clubs in search of an Imperial agent with top secret info. This club has it all - drunken Sabacc playing Twi'leks, awkward dance floor Wookies, MTV's Dan Cortez...and just a hint of danger!

It's the return of IWTB! Tonight 2/3rd of us pay attention as talk about ghost children, haunted TikToks, the piece of garbage Uri Geller, and even more bombshell admissions from the US government about UAP activity in American airspace! All this and your boy is a box!

We're going to be honest - due to some HORSE PLAY, this episode is getting posted two days late and we have very little memory about what was said. Something about Matt Gaetz, haunted balls, DMX, and Fox News being garbage is for sure in there. Otherwise, you're on your own, cowboy.

Tonight is one of those nights that makes Seanan question why he stays on the show. One awkward story turns into a night of hell for him, but we also manage to speak at length about the ability of Chuck Tingle and also talk about five of our favorite pieces of media coming out this year!

ACTION! DRAMA! Tonight starts with a bang and the action never lets up! Can the gang survive Hirani's sassiness and save their snitch? Find out tonight as we're knee deep in the corruption of Coruscant!

April 3, 2021

HORSE TIME - Allegedly

Tonight's episode of HORSE TIME is a real throw back that, most of the night, we wish we had just thrown back. It is an abomination that makes angels cry and it should be listened to by absolutely no one.

Tonight we try so hard to stay away from hot button issues and fail miserably. Speaking of fails, we also discuss the WORST Pokemon designs of all time. And before you ask, no, you cannot have the rabbit.

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