Our heroes and their new Zabrak friend descend deeper into the Imperial hellhole that is Coruscant in search of information. When they run afoul of another bounty hunter, will Hirani's loud mouth bite off more than they can chew?

Lindsey brings the trivia to a second night, only this time we mix it with alcohol. The results are as sensible and entertaining as you imagine they would be. Pilgrams with tamahawks!

Tonight Lindsey puts us through an all new trivia game! That means 100% less politics and depressing news this week! It's a night of laughs, and perhaps the wheels of fate are a little kinder to Tanner tonight?

It's a Hall of Fame heavy week! Join Dalton and Asa as they discuss the week in wrestling news including updates on Andrade, Charlotte Flair, and Peacock pulling certain content!

It's the start of an all new adventure as the crew of the Midnight Coterie head towards Coruscant! What mysteries and danger will they find on the Imperial home planet?! What is Codu Sanducky doing in the PZ85 Plays Zone?!?

March 22, 2021

Nerd Up 03-22-21

This time the guys are talking about Falcon and The Winter Soldier (spoiler free), new Star Wars content on Disney+, DC price increases, the new TMNT game, and more!

March 20, 2021

The H-Files

It's a special X-FILES edition of HORSE TIME! Seanan, Double H, and Caz talk about their favorite episodes, the impact the show had on them, and what impact Seanan's buff picture will have on future generations. PLUS - Tanner joins via phone, sort of!

Tonight's episode starts dark, as the gang discusses the murder and exploitation of Bianca Devins, the allegations against David Dobrik, the killings in Atlanta, BTS vs. GPK, and President Joe Biden labeling Vladimir Putin a killer. But there is light at the end of the tunnel - we also discuss our favorite albums that we physically purchased before digital became king. It does not end well for Shelby. 

Wednesdays are for Pro Wrestling and what a show we have this week. We preview WWE Fastlane, get mad about Covid, and a potential new timeslot for NXT!

Cody is back this week for one of the more interesting episodes of horse interest. Tonight we party on Pizza Beach while the fans make us pick between two things. Friendships will be tested and Seanan rants about something or another. Saddle up!

It's another casual episode of PZ85 this week. Join us for an hour of randomness and a discussion about five our favorite video games to completely lose ourselves in. Bring a pricing guide for whatever pictures you'd like to see!

Dalton and Asa re back this week to talk about the newest member of the WWE Hall of Fame, NWA's return, that explosive AEW main event, and Dalton gives his thoughts on the new NJPW Super 7 figures!

It's the final showdown between our heroes and the mysterious bounty hunter holding the secrets to the Sarlacc Project! Can Iris lead the team to survival? Can Sigurd use the power of the force to protect his allies? And WHO told Hirani it was a good idea to bring THERMAL DETONATORS? Tonight is the grand finale of the First to Strike!

March 8, 2021

Nerd Up 03-08-21

This week the guys are talking about more DCEU news, the new Mighty Ducks series, Pokemon news, and more!  Plus at the end of the episode, we have a full spoiler discussion on WandaVision!

Maybe we're too relaxed on Friday nights? From unfrozen cavemen lawyers to zoo related advice, it's all on the show tonight. Pour yourself a drink or twenty and come on in.

The Big D joins the show this week for a very laid back show. We answer fan questions, fulfill fan requests, and generally just have a good ole time with each other. Good vibes only tonight!

It's a race against time to stop Imperial reinforcements from destroying the resistance! Tonight our heroes find themselves face to face with an AT-ST and a mysterious bounty hunter who holds all the cards.

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