January 30, 2021

HORSE TIME - Too Many Horses

It's a full house tonight as Seanan, Hunter, Tanner, Lindsey, Casper, and a returning Cody challenge the very definition of the word "content." Tonight = favorite restaurants, celebrity impressions, and more dark humor than you can shake a Harry Potter wang at. 

Tonight we discuss the recent controversy around GameStop's booming stock and most of us pretend we know what we're talking about. Seanan also rants about Americans adopting aspects of other cultures, and we round out the whole thing with a top five detailing some of our most frustrating aspects of video games.

Everything's awful! Asa and Dalton manage to get through a discussion about what they expect to see at this Sunday's Royal Rumble without technology betraying them! This episode includes some of YOUR predictions! To listen/see the first ever live PWU and hear about NBC Peacock absorbing the WWE Network head over to our Facebook page to watch the video podcast (and see our equipment fail in real time)!

The journey to the heart of a corrupted Jedi temple continues in the search for the holocron, and a gunfight with reanimated corpses will pale in comparison to what our heroes face this week!

January 25, 2021

Nerd Up 01-25-21

This week Asa makes his triumphant return to talk about Batman The Animated Series sequel, WandaVision, Cobra Kai, Xbox Live, and more!

The live experiment continues tonight, as four fine horses talk about a truly despicable man and go real deep on TV shows from the 90s/2000s. The fans set them up, and we knock them down!

It's an important episode of 85AD tonight - we introduce Jesse to the world of live streaming, talk about 5 characters that keep us interested (invested!) in a series, and make a MAJOR announcement about the future of Podzilla 1985.

Seanan and Caz talk LIVE with our fans about the year's biggest even - America is no longer held hostage! Join the cousins as they welcome Joe Biden's administration, discuss the past 24 hours in the world of politics, and say goodbye to 45. 

Our heroes make their way deeper into the abandoned Jedi academy in search of a holocron, but what they find deep inside will be the biggest nightmare they have ever faced...

January 15, 2021

HORSE TIME - Gone Horse

The gang (minus one) are back this week to waste time, kill your brain cells, and somehow have a meaningful discussion about politics leading up to the inauguration of Joe Biden. But something is off...what has befallen Double H!?!

Tonight we absolutely will not be talking about Donald Trump being impeached for a second time, we will not be talking about the closing and hacking of Parler, and we will NOT be talking about Rudy Giuliani getting shafted by the pres. However, we WILL discuss five our favorite supporting characters from TV! 

Picking up after last week's cliffhanger, our heroes find themselves face to fang with a group of creatures oozing with the influence of the dark side. If they can survive, they have a dusty Jedi academy to explore, one which way be even more dangerous than the monsters in the dark...

January 11, 2021

Nerd Up 01-11-21

Nerd Up is back again with the fellas talking about Deadpool 3, Another X-Men book, Among Us and more!

Casper is back this week and the Big D makes a triumphant return! The two join Seanan and Double H for an absolutely pointless hour of laughter and what we generously call "content."

Tonight we devote more time to the tragedy that took place yesterday and the fallout from the attack on US democracy. But it's not all doom and gloom - Lindsey makes us reveal 5 things we want to accomplish this year!

In a solo live show, Seanan talks about the violent attack on Capitol Hill today by Trump supporters, who is responsible, and where we go from here.

Tonight, PZ85 Plays returns to a galaxy far, far away! Our heroes are called back to action by a Jedi who sends them on a mission to retrieve a holocron from a planet filled with danger and beings made of slime. Our first episode back has it all - wit, humor, space pirates, and unnecessary memes!

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