It's a week late and the Christmas references won't make any sense, but we couldn't let such a future classic die! Our highly paid sound engineers edited the audio to a listenable state, and now you can finally hear the return of Mandy as the all star cast riffs on things they became fans of in 2020!

It's the long awaited finale to the D&D miniseries starring a half orc, a half elf, and a proud birdman. Our heroes square off against a giant, but the REAL villain is Double H's audio issues. WARNING - ....this one sounds a little odd.

December 14, 2020

Nerd Up Disney Time

This week on Nerd Up, it's a Disney spectacular!  Disney dumped so much news on us that I decided to grab Mr. 100 for special all Disney edition of Nerd Up.

It's officially HORSE TIME on PZ85. Tonight Seanan, Hunter, and Lindsey do a late show for no reason and discuss the merit of Mad TV. We also talk about some 90's memories, the work of Mike Judge, and the dangers of exploring a futuristic city with your junk hanging out of your pants. 

It's week two of our middle finger salute goodbye to 2020, and tonight we discuss our Spotify wrap up, ever so briefly rage about the lawsuit in Texas, go over the winners of the 2020 Game Awards, and pay our respects to Tiny Lister.

After an inspired speech, our trio find themselves tasked with tracking down a legendary hero to help save the village of Frickley. This episode has it all - giant enemy crabs, script breaking, Kenny Rogers, and the prize fight of the year, bird with arms vs. a harpy!

We start our yearly wrap up with a show dedicated to the things we watched in that crazy year called 2020. Well, mostly we dedicated it to that. There MIGHT be some politickin' in there somewhere...

It's a whole new game! Literally! Cody takes over as DM and leads Hunter, Lindsey, and Seanan through an all new adventure set in the world of Dungeons and Dragons! Tonight, two would be heroes and an arrogant bird-man cross paths and run afoul of a giant terrorizing a small village!

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