November 30, 2020

Nerd Up postponed

Sorry, folks, Asa and Dalton are both out with personal issues, so if we don't have I Want to Believe next week, we'll record then, else we'll be back with a very packed Nerd Up in two weeks!  Thank you all for your continued support!

It's a strangely focused edition of the show tonight as Seanan, Hunter, and Cody get Yaddle-deep in Star Wars talk. From the prequels to the new trilogy, the Mandalorian to Rogue One - it's all in here. Plus we know what you really came here for - Christopher Lambert and Highlander. We got you covered. 

Asa and Dalton are back again and they've got plenty to say about The Undertaker's farewell, the #Creed4G4 success story, and Survivor Series!

It's the final episode of The Queen of Air and Darkness, and tonight we wrap up the first "film" in the Dawn of Defiance series. Our heroes find themselves in a space battle with the Empire and running out of time. One of the trio may not make it out alive...

Tonight's IWTB clocks in at half the time, but we stuffed it full of talk about Aleister Crowley, the Supernatural series finale, a near miss with a UFO in England, strange monoliths, and why Contact is an awful film. Plus - we continue to try to pronounce Dybbuk. 

Tonight we have a very festive cold open and follow it up with talk about Return of the Living Dead, Married With Children, and F Discord in it's fat F'ing A. 

It's a four part show tonight, as the gang takes a look at a huge ripple in the wrestling world caused by someone they personally know, why Sony is ruining everyone's Christmas, the untimely death of Kirby Morrow, and in the end we talk about our favorite Henson Creature Shop creations. 

Dalton and Asa are back again for another edition of Pro Wrestling Unscripted! This week we talk about the release heard around the world, the Thunderdome relocating, Gears 5 getting some Power of Positivity, and previewing Survivor Series!

The tournament is behind them and blood is left on the gambling floor as our heroes rush to head Darga the Hutt off before he can escape! With Imperial forces breathing down on them and a hangar full of violence, can they make it out of Cloud City alive?

We all got new systems and we're dying to talk about them!  The next gen launch special is here!!

Tonight we pay our respects to the legendary duo of Alex Trebek and Sean Connery with another poor round of Celebrity Jeopardy! Then we get Dalton all hot and bothered, say some offensive things, waste time - you know, the usual Friday goodness.

Asa and Dalton reunite to talk a whole lot about the new AEW games that were announced! They also discuss Impact's loss (no, not the murder), a new Stone Cold documentary, and The Undertaker's final appearance. 

It's the finals of the legendary Cloud City Sabacc tournament, and our heroes are out to stop an Imperial deal and win half a million credits. But will the cards be in their favor? It wasn't for our editor, who spent an hour fixing Discord's broken mess!

It's a classic night of comedy on ye olde Horse Time. Join a cast of 5 as we EVER SO BRIEFLY touch on the election, post nonsense to crack each other, and somehow talk about video game rentals. Now stop listening to it like you're a pervert!

Tonight we barely talk about the election. Barely. BARELY. Half an hour later, we talk about our favorite rentals as wee ones! Come for the Ninja Turtles, stay for the Curry. 

Dalton Anthony runs down Hell in a Cell because it was the Big D Guarantee and you can take that to the bank! (Note from Seanan - ....da fuh?)

Gambling! Tonight's episode of Plays finds our heroes knee deep in the seedy side of Cloud City. When a mysterious message draws our heroes into danger, can their wits and the new friendship of a one armed woman save them?

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