Tonight our heroes find themselves at the mercy of an ambush! Who among them will survive to find discover the Empire's dealings with the mighty Darga the Hutt? And while Hirani finds herself a sudden trusted advisor to her enemy, Crade finds himself being called through the force...

It's a bit of an odd duck of a show tonight. We talk about UFO's making an "act of war," the Travel Channel sinks to a new low, time travel paradoxes, Skinwalker ranch, and more! Plus - Lindsey really dislikes Seanan tonight for some reason.

Tonight's show starts with a little special something and then dives into unheard of territory - Seanan's personal life, offensive humor, random nonsense, and Hamilton. Because of course. 

Tonight we get just a *tad* uncomfortable as we talk about the controversy surrounding the police in the United States in the wake of the Breonna Taylor announcement today. But it's not all serious - Lindsey forces us to relive our favorite board games we played as kids!

It's the oddest pWu cast in history as The Big D leads Derek and newcomer Sadie through all of the week's biggest news in professional wrestling!

Tonight our heroes (and Piney) come face to face with one of the galaxy's most notorious - Darga the Hutt! In their mission to uncover Imperial secrets, they also come across a familiar face in a very unfortunate situation...

September 21, 2020

Nerd Up 09-21-20

This week on Nerd Up Jesse and Dalton are talking about Harley Quinn, WandaVision, DC Universe app news, Xbox vs Playstation, Monster Hunter, and more!

Seanan, Hunter, Tanner, Lindsey, and Derek cheer up your Friday night with a round of Jeopardy, a pinch of serious talk with the death of RBG, and then whatever nonsense ol' Perryville decides to bring up. CAREFUL - don't get beaned!

Tonight Double H joins Thursday to talk about our favorite shows that we could watch forever & resurrect from the dead, and Jesse has a couple of MFer's who deserve a paddlin'. Also...wait, what's that other voice?

Impact Wrestling loses an icon, NXT gets a new full time commentator, and a bunch of wrestlers will be making appearances on television! Join Asa and Dalton as they discuss this week in the world of professional wrestling! This is the way.

Sidenote: Asa did a dumb thing while recording this podcast and is not good at editing. There is a small skip early in the episode and then the syncing may be slightly off. 

It's the beginning of a new adventure for the Alderaanian agents as Crade, Irys, and Groz find themselves on the hunt for a Hutt! Questions abound: where is Hirani, what is the Sarlacc Project, and who in the world is Piney?! Find out as the crew takes Cato Neimoidia by storm!

It's the end of the road for Seanan as he wraps up his final show with Podzilla 1985. How long will it last? Place your bet at r/Podzilla1985! Enjoy one last cold open (for now) with Double H and Dalton, and stay for more musical shuffley goodness.

It's Mr. 100's final Thursday show, and he decides to go out with a bang - an angry political rant, way too much info about his personal life, and beating a dead horse until it's dust! Plus Lindsey forces the crew to reveal their shuffled musical playlists and they all judge each other's poor choices!

Asa and Dalton discuss the happenings in the world of Pro Wrestling this week. WWE trying to end their wrestlers partnerships with Twitch, Youtube, and other 3rd party companies, Marty Janetty tries to explain his murder confession, AEW All Out being overshadowed, and a Rey Mysterio cartoon!

It's the final episode of the first arch of Dawn of Defiance! It's an action packed adventure as our heroes find themselves behind enemy lines and up against stormtroopers, sadistic Imperial officers, and nightmarish creatures...

September 7, 2020

Nerd Up 09-07-20

This week the guys are talking about New Mutants, The Avengers game, GamesCon, Mario 35th anniversary and more!

There are moments in every podcast that are so amazing it changes the course of entertainment forever. This is not one of those moments. A special guest marks his place in PZ85 history, as we all sail away on the red ships of Spain!

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