Tonight on IWTB we tackle the question of if we do TRULY believe, if we want to believe, or where on exactly on that spectrum we are. Plus - (more) tragedy at the infamously haunted Lemp brewery, the return of Oumuamua, the mystery of Roanoke, and more!

Tonight's show is a bit of an odd experience. You can expect the normal wit, charm, and ridiculousness of our normal Friday show, but late in recording we found out that actor Chadwick Boseman had passed away at 43 after fighting cancer. We ended the show early, as we feel that comedy after the revelation would be in poor taste. Our hearts go out to Chadwick's family and his legion of fans. He will be dearly missed.

Tonight we have the unfortunate pleasure of talking about yet another American tragedy surrounding the shooting of Jacob Blake. We also have some very disgusting MFer's of the week, and Lindsey tries to bring some joy to the night with a top 5 talking about our favorite 90's comedies. 

A real life scare can't stop Pro Wrestling Unscripted - only delay it for a few hours! Tonight, Asa and Dalton tackle the hot topics in the wrestling world, including WWE Thunderdome troubles, the return of Wade Barrett, a huge injury for AEW, the departure of Renee Young, the Takeover/Summerslam review, and much more!

We're still winding down the first part of our newest PZ85 Plays - Dawn of Defiance! Tonight an emergency rescue gives our heroes a moment of respite, but after meeting with an iconic character from Star Wars lore they find themselves stranded on an alien planet that doesn't look too friendly with a mission to infiltrate an imperial prison!

August 24, 2020

Nerd Up 08-24-20

This week the guys are talking about DC Fandome, Sony Spiderverse, Lovecraftian Horror, Nintendo indies and more!

Tonight is another strange episode of the Friday show where we have an actual conversation - this time about comedy! We talk about our favorite stand up comedians, and yes, we mention Sinbad. Plus - Hunter, Dalton, and Cody tell us THEIR top documentaries, and Cody nearly blows your ears out in the name of COMEDY.

Tonight Seanan, Jesse, Lindsey, Tanner, and Shelby talk about the war between Epic Games and Apple/Google, the DNC, the arrest of Steve Bannon (swampy!), and round out the night with 5 of our favorite documentaries! Can the Man Himself survive the night?!

On tonight's show - a terrifying incident involving Sonya Deville, Renee Young's exit from WWE, Coronavirus news, the THUUUUNDERDOME, our Takeover/Summerlsam preview, and much more! Plus, three words that define a generation - SPINNING BIRD KICK!

It's the end of the first arc of our story, and it promises to be a bloody good time. A full on shoot out breaks out, trapping Crade, Irys, and Hirani between warring factions and imperial goons. Traumatizing decisions must be made, and our heroes will never be the same...

Seanan, Tanner, and Hunter are back with another trip into the unexplained! On tonight's show - time travel, way too much X-Files discussion, a drive in haunted house in Japan, a ghost girl, and a new program from the Department of Defense to study unidentified aerial phenomena! 

Our friend Josh from PS2J is back and gosh, he's gonna wish he wasn't. Tonight a bloated cast of 6 try to one up each other in the meme game, unless tech troubles further derail a show that was never on track to begin with.

NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHES! Tonight newcomer Shelby joins the show to listen to Seanan rant and rave about the dangerous and selfish rally in Sturgis, discuss Joe Biden's choice of Kamala Harris as VP, and talk about five of our favorite YouTube channels we've been checking out during the viral apocalypse. 

Tonight the cast FINALLY argues about something and it gets heated! The pWu gang goes in depth about Pay McAfee in WWE, lawsuit trouble for Vince McMahon, a stupid and dangerous decision by Chris Jericho, NJPW news, and much more! We also pay our respects to Kamala, who sadly passed away this week at age 70.

In this week's episode, our heroes find themselves tracking down a mystery cargo for an Alderaan agent and find themselves up against a surprising new contact who could be a powerful friend or foe. One of the cast has a shocking secret and will be revealed for who they really are, while another has a traumatic brush with the dark side...

August 10, 2020

Nerd Up 08-10-20

Nerd Up is FINALLY back and the guys are getting caught up with the last month worth of content talking about John Wick, Mulan, BRZRKR, all the latest Xbox news and more

Tonight on the podcast - four sobers and one drunkard discuss Pizza Hut, Kevin Smith, and other completely pointless topics you won't remember tomorrow after you sleep it off, Tanner. 

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