The "Horrors of Perryville" trilogy comes to an end starting tonight as Tanner, Seanan, and Lindsey find themselves in a new nightmare involving car wrecks, monsters (?), cops, and lots of blood. 

June 29, 2020

Nerd Up 06-29-20

This week on Nerd Up the crew is talking about The King's Man, Harley Quinn news, Rocksteady's new games, Pokemon news and more!

Tonight we show what we appreciates about you with a vaguely coherent episode featuring semi-serious conversation about cancel culture while maintaining that random insanity that we've all come to appreciate on Fridays. Pitter patter!

Tonight we celebrate the awe inspiring stupidity of Florida Woman, suing Twitch over being too sexy, Chicks dropping the Dixie, and some kind of...plugs.

The #SpeakingOut moment has taken the wrestling by storm in the past week and exposed many names for some heinous acts. Tonight we discuss that, along with the COVID-19 scare at WWE, Paul Heyman being out as creative on RAW, and much more. 

It's the conclusion to the ghost hunt in Perryville! Seanan and Tanner find themselves in a sticky situation involving a secret crypt, while Lindsey....naps? But don't worry if you've been waiting for action, tonight the gang does what they do best - MURDERING NAZIS. 

Tanner almost makes the show tonight (and will definitely hate us in the morning), but we make due with discussion about Seanan and Lindsey's disastrous move and play a rousing game of "would you rather?"

Things get downright dangerous in tonight's episode as Tanner and Lindsey battle evil spirits while Seanan finds himself on the wrong side of a gun...but perhaps on the right side of love? Plus - how uncomfortably loud can Tanner get!?

June 15, 2020

Nerd Up 06-15-20

This week we're talking mostly about the PS5 event, but we sprinkle in a little Bill and Ted plus some new comic book announcements and the craziness with DC and Diamond.

EGADS! Tonight we explore some more of our fantastic table reading, discuss the connection between the Punisher and cops, and share our favorite Adult Swim shows and characters. It almost makes TOO much sense. 

It's the return of the long pWu shows! Tonight we recap In Your House, preview Backlash, express our love for Shotzi Blackheart, spend an uncomfortable amount of time trying to figure out who the Gator Master is, and much more!

Our heroes start the evening with a reluctant seance, but no one could have predicted the chaos that follows. While Tanner and Lindsey try to get answers from the other side, Seanan finds himself in a life or death situation when he decides to do something really stupid.

We continue the trend of vaguely structured shows tonight with a game of pick 3 - Double H presents a selection of options ranging from food to movies, and Seanan and Dalton have to pick which ones to keep...and which ones to give up forever.  

We have a split a show tonight - in the first half we discuss the state of America today in the wake of the murder of George Floyd and the movement it has created. In our second half we try to lift spirits and bring the laughs to a nation that needs it by discussing the shows/movies that we quote almost every day in our personal lives.

With the state of the USA today, we decided to devote time on the show tonight to our favorite African American wrestlers and the incredible contributions they have made to the world of professional wrestling. Also tonight - another wrestling death to report, WWE adds a move to their ban list, British Strong Style does something wonderful, injury reports, releases, and more! It can all be summed up in two words - ICE TRAIN.

A run in with mutant chickens is a walk in the park compared to what the PZ85 Plays gang experiences next. While Jesse takes his new truck on the run, Tanner, Seanan, and Lindsey are called upon by a terrified mother who believes her children are being haunted by something sinister. 

June 1, 2020

Nerd Up 06-01-20

This week the guys are talking about the Borderlands movie, Kingdom Hearts TV show, Xbox Series X and PS5 news and more!

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