It's an extra special edition of Friday insanity as Lindsey and Cody join the show to talk about awful Adult Swim, and the gang does a table read of some classic comedy! 

It's the end of May, and it's the last round of something similar to but legally distinct from Jeopardy! And tonight - Jesse controls the board!

We start tonight's pWu with the heartbreaking story of Hana Kimura's passing and what needs to happen to stop this from happening again. We also cover the hottest news of the week, including AEW injuries, Drew Gulak's contract status, Jarrett vs. Anthem, Dark Side of the Ring, and more! Plus - we (sort of) recap Double or Nothing!

It's the grand finale! Seanan, Jesse, Tanner, and Lindsey face the wrath of Double H and come face to face with a cluckin' nightmare in an epic final showdown! Who will live and die by the claws of Perryville's prized poultry?!?! 

What can you say about tonight's show that hasn't already been said by the people on it? Tonight's episode should never be listened to by anyone. Ever. You've been warned. 

Another week, another shot at meaningless glory on PZ85AD! Tonight Lindsey has the board and you know what that means - obscure 80s/90s references! Can the gang figure out her madness?

It's the most somber episode of pWu to date. Tonight we talk about the tragic deaths of Shad Gaspard and 411 Mania's Larry Csonka, sexism accusations against CZW, the release of Drew Gulak, Ember Moon's potential career ending injury, and much more.

The foul stench and unimaginable terror of Perryville and the horrid creatures that dwell within continue tonight. Can our heroes defeat the mutant chicken army and escape the nightmarish hell that is Perryville?

May 18, 2020

Nerd Up 05-18-20

This week the crew is talking about New Mutants, Mandalorian, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Halo, and more!

It's a busy weekend for the Man Himself. Finally, after several delays, Scott Wolter is back to talk about his work, the conspiracy's, the lies, and the TRUTHS. Dive down this rabbit hole and learn the real history of America.

It's a double dose of I Want to Believe this weekend! In our first episode, and after months of teasing, Tanner finally welcomes his friend Brandon Manker to the show. Join them in this special conversations about different paranormal theories as they share some of their own personal experiences.

Nord VPN presents a special episode where a first time guest joins us to talk about absolutely nothing of importance while Double H derails the show with non stop deep thoughts.

It finally happened. Tanner is in control of the board tonight and our players are in for a world of confusion, hurt, and a whole lot of water all over Seanan's face. It's round three of trivia, and there were never any rails for this train to be on in the first place.

The Man made a huge announcement on Monday that has the internet cheering and going - "awwwww!" Also tonight, we recap Money in the Bank, and talk about the week's hottest news in wrestling, including - Zayn being stripped of the title, Alberto Del Rio is human garbage, NWA Carnyland, and much more!

It's an all new adventure! Tonight GM Double H leads Seanan, Jesse, Tanner, and Lindsey (as themselves!) into a tale of intrigue and danger set in the nightmare world of Perryville, Missouri!

May 11, 2020

Nerd up 05-11-20

Nerd Up is back with Jesse, Asa, and Dalton!  Talking about the return of comic books, EA announcements, Xbox series X gameplay and more!

Tonight we have no ducking clue. But thank God Double H found some good video game trivia. 

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