Tonight we play a little game that is resembling but legally distinct from the mega-popular game show Jeopardy! It was Tanner's idea, and boy does he regret it. Also - Assassins Creed talk!

Seanan, Asa, Dalton, and Double H are back this week to talk about the death of WWE 2K21 and the Battlegrounds reveal, new WWE lawsuits that could spell real trouble, the accusations against Velveteen Dream, semi-surprising releases, and much more!

Mr. 100 (or should we say the PHOENIX) and the 5 Star Man are finally back after a TWO MONTH hiatus with a special guest from up north - Josh from PS2J! Come for the Canadian politeness, stay for the talk about AHS, Final Fantasy, Buffy, and more!

It's the fourth installment into the weekly episodic adventures of the GBI crew! While one member goes on a well deserved date, a new member joins the team, the boys get a new assignment - and it's literal trash!

The 5 Star Man Asa Gray is joined by The New Entertainment System's Nathan Brandt and The Trophy Room's Kyle Stephenson to discuss the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. From our history with the franchise, to speculating what we think is next, this is a fantastic (2 HOUR!) discussion! We'd love for you to check it out! 
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Nathan: @twoheadedgiant and @the nespod

Kyle: @whodatninja73 and @PStrophyroom

Oh boy. It's the wild west tonight as Seanan, Double H, Cody, Dalton, and Tanner talk about their favorite Star Wars characters, Matt Barr, and really just rail on Tanner for almost thirty minutes about his awful, awful, awful choices. 

It's an all star cast tonight as Seanan, Asa, Dalton, and Double H talk about all the hottest news in wrestling this week, including - Dolph Ziggler's kind gesture, a new lawsuit for Vince McMahon, the Revival's new tag team name, why the WWE are cheap bastards, the unfortunate passing of Howard Finkel, and more!

It's the long awaited return of I Want to Believe! Tonight Seanan, Tanner, and Double H talk about Japanese curses to ward off toilet paper theft, the most haunted cities in America, a UFO sighting by Tom Delonge that is similar to one of Seanan's own, why 5G doesn't cause coronavirus, Jose Canseco's car wash & bigfoot tour, and much more!

April 20, 2020

PZ85 Plays Episode 3

Episode 3 of our Ghostbusters adventure!

It's a surprising (even to us) completely random episode featuring four PZ85 greats who just really need human contact. Tonight Seanan, Double H, Dalton, and Tanner take random to a whole new level. 

Tonight is a return to form for Mr. 100...or should we say the PHOENIX as the jokes are frequent and uncomfortable. We also talk X-Men, COVID-19 (of course), how awful dating apps are, and more! It'll make you the best kind of itchy. 

It's a sad day in wrestling as budget cuts has left a lot of talented people out of work. Tonight we talk about that, plus Donald Trump's new position for Vinnie Mac, Florida and the Super PAC, who the hell Cash and Dax are, MITB news, and more!

April 13, 2020

PZ85 Plays Episode 2

Part 1 of the second story arc in our Ghostbusters adventure!

This week we try to be normal in the wake of the apocalypse, and we're talking about the continuing nightmare that is COVID-19, Bernie dropping out of the race, and...Digimon. For some reason.

Seanan is back this week, and he discusses Wrestlemania 36 with Asa along with the newest Dark Side of the Ring episode featuring the Brawl 4 All, the disappointing RAW, and why Hulk Hogan is a MF'er. 

April 7, 2020

PZ85 Plays Episode 1

Our first episode of playing a tabletop game remotely!  Hunter guides Jesse, Cody, and Tanner through a ghost filled comedy adventure that may be long, but is totally worth it.

April 2, 2020

Brandon Rundles Memorial

In this out of character episode, Tanner sits down to share personal stories for his best friend. Given the circumstances in the world currently, we'll use this medium for family and friends to share these thoughts on Brandon. So sit back and smile, laugh, cry, or whatever you feel led to do as we remember a beautiful soul.

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