December 23, 2019

PZ85 Presents Respawn Aim Fire

The weekly shows may be finished for 2019, but we have a very special episode to hold you over until the new decade! Chad Michael Innis and Holden DePardo of Respawn Aim Fire join Asa and Dalton for PZ85 Presents!

It's our last episode of 2019 and, well, the decade. We wanted to be introspective and reflect on our 5 years on the air but...nah, it's Trump stuff, girl's holes, MF'ers, and why we hate literally everything. Oh, also, it's Seanan's last episode(?). Have a merry Christmas!

Tonight on pWu we get real critical of WWE over their TLC event and their decision to overshadow the main event. We also cover some of the biggest news of the week including a big honor for Okada, where Marty Scurll landed, new deals for the New Day, and much more! Plus - the ending gets real dark. It's the last pWu of the decade, so why not?!!?

Asa says it's the Simpson's anniversary, and it's the perfect excuse to steer the show away from the nightmare fuel of the new Cats movie! Plus - who the hell doesn't know Bebe's Kids!??

December 16, 2019

Nerd Up 12-16-19

This week on Nerd Up the crew is talking about all the WB movie announcements, TMNT, the Game Awards including the X-Box Series X, and more!

Mandy is back this week to talk about Spotify's list of top artists and songs of the decade! Who made our lists? Yeah, it's Coheed and Cambria mostly, but there are some other bands in there as well, including a shocking betrayal from Lil Fiddy herself!

Asa is back with 100% more SARS, and tonight we talk about the ever evolving ACH situation, two big wellness violations in WWE, the return (?) of John Morrison, Luke Harper's Freedom Day (and the friends he brought along), and much much more! Bucka Bucka!

December 10, 2019

The Hype Train 12-10-19

This month Jesse and Asa are talking about Star Wars, X-Men, Batman, Pokemon, Call of Duty, and more!

December 10, 2019

Nerd Up 12-09-19

This week the crew talks about all the new trailers that came out this last week including Black Widow, Mulan, Ghostbusters, plus new Marvel comics including a new Dawn of X book and Beta Ray Bill.

Find out what the After Dark crew was up to (and what we misguidedly bought) on Black Friday, hear Lindsey get bored of things that don't directly involve her, award a surprising MFer of the week, and start our Christmas content! Also...Zac Efron maybe?

Asa is gone this week and you know what means - utter chaos. Tonight we talk about why Jim Cornette is officially the worst, the internet's unwarranted hatred for Marko Stunt, AEW vs. NXT, John Morrison back in WWE, and much more!

5 Star and the 100 are back to catch up on almost a month's worth of gaming! Tonight we talk about the new Modern Warfare, Pokemon Sword+Shield, Jedi Fallen Order, and more!

December 2, 2019

Nerd Up 12-02-19

This week on Nerd Up the crew tries to get caught up on the last three weeks which means talking about Sonic, The Mandalorian, MCU news, Tom Taylor's Suicide Squad, plus Jesse and Asa give their impressions of Microsoft's Project X-Cloud and Google Stadia.

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