Tonight we dive deep into the Jordan Myles/WWE controversy, the first ever women's match in Saudia Arabia, and all the hottest news of the week in professional wrestling. Plus - our favorite things in wrestling this week!

October 29, 2019

The Hype Train 10-29-19

Jesse and Asa are both super hyped about the X-Men but Jesse breaks Asa pretty hard with some info he wasn't aware of.

October 28, 2019

Nerd Up 10-28-19

This week on Nerd Up the crew is talking a whole lot about Star Wars, Fallout 76, Google Stadia, new X-Men news and more!

It's a special episode of PZ85 featuring the return of Mandy Kennedy! Tonight we talk a loooot about bugs, the finals of the 2019 Monster Bash, and old men yell at everything!

Tonight is our final episode in the horror themed October rotation, and we get deep about the Final Four of 2019's Monster Bash - The Thing, Jason, Freddy, and Pennywise. We also talk about the horror films we've watched this October, and scare Tanner to death by outright destroying his beloved Crystal Lake murderer.

Asa is out this week, but Dalton and Seanan have PLENTY to say about the release of WWE 2K20, both good and (mostly) bad. We also talk about Marko Stunt's reaction after his TV debut last week, NJPW, an unfortunate injury for Xavier Woods, and much more! Plus - we recap last weekend's CCW Hardcore Halloween show! Is this the end of House 100? DIG IT!

Seanan and Asa are back to talk about the disaster that is WWE 2K20, who is responsible for the cycle of games being released completely unfinished, and we threw in some stuff about Star Wars too just because. Plus, Ally makes a noise!

October 21, 2019

Nerd Up 10-21-19

This week on Nerd Up the guys are talking about HBO's Watchmen, Deadpool, Bloodshot, League of Legends, Batman news, and more!

When Tanner is away, it's time to play the name game! Tonight we get EERIE with a new real life ghost story from Mr. 100, CREEPY as we discuss the ongoing horror tournament you can vote on right now, and SPOOPY when we discuss the legendary "final girls" from horror cinema!

Tonight on pWu we take a...mostly positive look at WWE 2K20 a week before it's release, recap the mess that was the WWE draft, question Dave Meltzer, and cover all the hottest news of the week in pro wrestling! Plus - we talk about this weekend's CCW event!

Tonight on IWTB we hand out "WHY" awards for the world's larget Ouija and Jesus shoes, thank our savior Tom Delonge for his work involving UFO's (and being the best singer) and a possible breakthrough discovery, and we talk about the scariest movies of all time. Did yours make the list? Is it The Thing? No, it didn't. 

October 14, 2019

Nerd Up 10-14-19

This week we have a shortened episode of Nerd Up because Jesse did in fact get what he paid for in his terrible terrible Dell laptop.  In the time we had we talked about Animaniacs, Matrix 4, Ryan Reynolds, Google Stadia, and a couple other things before Jesse got so mad he decided to wrap up the show.

We continue the horror themed shows this week with a long discussion about Predator 2 (and who's actually seen it), movie monsters, scary aliens, and we set up the brackets for Podzilla 1985's epic monster battle - we pick 16 of cinema's most terrifying monsters and you vote on who the best is!

The first week of AEW vs. NXT leads to a powerful ratings winner, and tonight we discuss the long term fight between the two hottest shows in wrestling. We also cover the latest news of the week, and yes, we also tear WWE apart for the ending to Hell in a Cell. PLUS - we're thinking of changing our pWu format around and we want your input!

Tanner is in the studio tonight to talk about horror remakes, what we were irrationally afraid of when we younger, just how headache inducing the Terminator plot is, and all of the "high class" humor you've come to expect.

October 7, 2019

Nerd Up 10-07-19

This week the guys are talking about Birds of Prey, Rick and Morty, Joker, bunch of comic news out of New York Comic Con, Red Dead Redemption 2, Pokemon, and more!

It's back! After Dark has been transformed by the fear in the air into Terrifying Tanner Thursday! And tonight we give our faithful listeners another list of movies to watch...and movies to AVOID...this Halloween!

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