Who does Fox News work for? You might be surprised by the answer because it sounds like they were! Plus - Trum (of course), the MF'er(s) of the week, and we talk about our return to the CLASSIC World of Warcraft.

Justin "The Juice" Smart sits in for half the show tonight as we await Queen Ally's grand arrival! We also talk about Jon Moxley's unfortunate injury, Seth & Becky's engagement, stem cell research, and much more! Plus - the RAW/Smackdown/Impact recap, a small preview for All Out, and we go over last weekend's CCW Homecoming IV!

On tonight's show we absolutely do not interview former Yellow Ranger Karan Ashley. But we do talk a little bit more about d23, Marvel single player games, and those douches in charge of Ion Fury.

August 26, 2019

Nerd Up 08-26-19

This week on Nerd Up the guys are talking about Bill and Ted, all the news out of D23, Captain Marvel, Mortal Kombat 11 and more!

Classic show revivals are in style! Invader Zim, Rocko, and even those chumps from Full House have risen from the grave. Tonight we talk about shows from our youths that WE want to see come back! Plus...there's probably a lot about Trump in there. Sorry, Ken!

NXT is moving to the USA Network, and we're all excited/terrified! Tonight we talk about that, plus AEW news, a possible return for Sheamus and Edge, Stephen Amell's new wrestling show, GLOW, and more! We also recap RAW/Smackdown/Impact, and cover this weekend's CCW show!

Tonight we explore the continued downward spiral of GameStop and today's layoff announcement, Apex Legends devs getting a little TOO heated with their player base, and the blockbuster announcement that Spiderman is OUT of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

August 19, 2019

Nerd Up 08-19-19

This week the crew is talking about Ewan McGregor, all the new comics coming in November, plus Gamescom news!

On tonight's show - we celebrate a pair of anniversaries, rank the attractiveness of Friends, award our MF'er of the week, and countdown 30 of the best (and worst) 90's sitcoms!

Tonight on pWu - the Bullet Club has a new member (with a shocking return), another surgery for Paige, exciting new members to the Performance Center, and we answer - how awesome is Bray Wyatt? All this plus the Summerslam/NXT/RAW/Smackdown/Impact recap!

Tonight on IWTB we tackle something truly terrifying - reality. We discuss the controversy (and conspiracies) surrounding the alleged suicide of Jeff Epstein, dark matter, an unnerving case of stalking, and we give our review for Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. We also discuss the R rating in horror films and if it's truly necessary to be scary.

August 12, 2019

Nerd Up 08-12-19

This week on Nerd Up the guys are talking about Disney+, Coming to America, Google Stadia, Destiny 2, and more!

It's a wild night of emotions After Dark, as the gang tackles the most recent mass shootings, God's responsibility, gun control (again, FFS), and....our favorite Disney songs. Yep.

The gang is back together tonight on all new pWu! Tonight we honor the legacy of Harley Race, talk wrestling video game news, and more! Plus - the weekly recap, and we preview NXT Takeover/Summerslam!

August 5, 2019

Nerd Up 08-05-19

This week the crew is talking about Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's new TV series, a bunch of news out of the CW DC shows, CoD Modern Warfare, news out of EVO and more!

Tonight's (mostly) censored episode of PZ85AD welcomes back Double H and Tanner to talk about why WHOEVER WANTS TO GO TO DISNEY WORLD SHOULD, GameStop's recent employee purge, and we count down the animated movies that we've seen. And, have you met our friend Mr. Black?

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