Mr. 100 & Ally are in the studio tonight to celebrate their friend Marko Stunt's signing with All Elite Wrestling, and to talk about the hottest news of the week including Jimmy Uso's arrest, the Big Show's new Big Show Show, Tenille Dashwood in IMPACT, and much more! Plus - we SORT of recap RAW and CCW!

July 30, 2019

The Hype Train 07-30-19

Tonight the guys are talking about Asa's adventures in Marvel Unlimited, Trevor finally beating Borderlands 2, Fire Emblem Three Houses, plus a bonus story or two about Jesse and Trevor's adventures in Russia.

July 29, 2019

Nerd Up 07-29-19

This week on Nerd Up the crew is talking about Zombieland 2, Jay and Silent Bob, Harley Quinn, Fire Emblem, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and more!

It's a happy go lucky episode of 85AD made out of pure joy and sunshine with absolutely no anger about Donald Trump, sending her back, horrific corpse filled nightmares, stupid online people being stupid AF, or trying to mess with what Halloween is! Sit back and enjoy the smiles!

Tonight on pWu - AEW has a time slot on TNT, Colt Cabana is ending his long running and influential wrestling podcast, CM Punk making waves and pissing off entitled fans, and much more! Plus - we talk about the RAW reunion, Smackdown/Impact, and Asa serenades us with tales of his weekend with St. Louis Anarchy!

Tonight Mr. 100 talks about upcoming TV shows he's actually going to watch this year, the Five Star Man laments his NECA addiction, and Not ACTUALLY a Bear shares her love of Queer Eye. Also - more SDCC fallout!

July 22, 2019

Nerd Up 07-22-19

This week on Nerd Up the crew is talking about Batman Beyond and then they go a little overboard talking about phase 4 MCU.  More on the rest of SDCC later!

Tonight on the show we finaaally give our thoughts on the newest season of Stranger Things! Plus - Trump says some stuff, there be some MFer's about, and Seanan accidentally loses the first few minutes of the show! PROFESSIONALISM.

Tonight on pWu we talk about next week's big RAW Reunion, Jeff Hardy's arrest, injury news, and more! We also recap a HUGE week of shows, including Evolve, AEW, Extreme Rules, RAW, and Smackdown! PLUS - Ally learns about PMS!

Tonight on IWTB, we try to explain the sudden obsession with raiding Area 51, and give a history lesson on the controversial military facility! Plus - bio-engineered weaponized ticks, UFO sightings by state, a time traveling fraud, a new explanation for the Dyatlov Pass incident, and more!

July 15, 2019

Nerd Up 07-15-19

This week on Nerd Up the crew is talking about The King's Man, Space Jam, Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, new DC comics, Switch Lite and more!

Tonight on the show - Lindsey gives up. Like, really fast. We also talk about Mr. 100's filthy VR sex adventure, bad cops and ice cream licking, and we put on our tin foil hats as we discuss conspiracy theories surrounding famous Disney films!

It's a slow news week but there's a looooot to complain about. Come for the weeks hottest stories, stay for our rec(r)ap of Monday Night RAW, Smackdown, Slammiversary, and our previews for Fight for the Fallen, Evolve, and Extreme Rules!

You like random? Open wide. Tonight we talk about a controversial Disney decision, a new HBO to waste money on if you want to watch Friends (again), Real Sex, going "too far," and a whole lot more. Plus - Half Ally!

July 8, 2019

Nerd Up 07-08-19

This week on Nerd Up the crew is talking about Stranger Things season 3, Spider-Man Far From Home (both spoiler free), Little Mermaid casting news, Walking Dead, and more!

Mr. 100 and Ally are back this week to talk about the sudden Eric Bischoff/Paul Heyman announcement from WWE, a peaceful end to the Seth Rollins/Will Ospreay Twitter war, Fyter Fest and all of the controversy coming from it, and all the hottest news of the week. Plus - the RAW/Smackdown/Impact recap!

This month the guys are talking a little about E3 reactions plus some classic TV shows

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