Tonight's PZAD is a heaping helping of NSFW talk about the adult film industry, cosplay girls, and of course - Pokemon! Cleanse yourself from the filthy talk in the first half with an in depth discussion about the new Detective Pikachu trailer, and Pokemon Sword+Shield!

Tonight we celebrate Roman Reigns' fantastic news, and take conspiracy theorists to task for their jaded beliefs. We also talk about some big releases from WWE, welcome news from AEW, a sad retirement, and much more! Plus - we cover RAW/Smackdown, recap CCW One Night Riot 2, preview this weekend's Strideaversery, and hate hate hate on Greg Valentine!

It's an odd kind of crossover show tonight, as Calvin joins the cast to talk about the afterlife, psychics, horror movies, Momo instructing kids to kill themselves, and EA Access....yeah!

February 24, 2019

Nerd Up 02-24-19

This week on Nerd Up the crew is talking about Disney and Netflix, The Storyteller, Ezra Miller and The Flash delays, rumors from Google and Microsoft, and more impressions on Anthem

February 21, 2019

Podzilla After Dark 2-21-19

It's a weiiiiird show tonight without Lindsey, who is at home sick as a MOFO. Tonight's random assortment of insanity - voice acting molesters, falsifying police reports, MF'ers, when animals attack, things we didn't understand as children, and more!

Tonight we celebrate and question the first inductees into this years WWE hall of fame class - Degeneration X! We also cover the hottest news of the week including news about a Hulk Hogan biopic, and recap RAW/Smackdown! We also preview this weekend's CCW One Night Riot II show!

The studio is haunted by VIRUSES tonight, but manage to squeak out a show about a real life zombie outbreak coming soon, more AI dangers, a horrific legend about a ghost ship, Jose Canseco insanity, and in our main topic - paranormal television and it's effect on the community. 

February 17, 2019

Nerd Up 02-17-19

This week the crew is talking about Aladdin, Alita - Battle Angel (spoiler free), Conan the Barbarian avengers team, Hollow Knight, plus the HUGE Nintendo Direct.

February 14, 2019

Podzilla After Dark 2-14-19

Happy Valentine's Day! Tonight we talk about our favorite couples in movies, games, and cartoons, get lovingly offensive, and even squeak in some talk about the newest Nintendo Direct. Plus - Seanán is sick and nasally! 

Sad news to report tonight with the passing of wrestling legend Pedro Morales at age 76. We also discuss AEW's incredible ticket sales, Kofi Kingston's career defining performance on Smackdown, and much much more! We also recap RAW/Smackdown, and share the LOVE with our own Dalton!

February 10, 2019

Nerd Up 02-10-19

This week on Nerd Up the crew is talking about R rated Marvel movies, new Bruce Timm DC animated content, Hamilton actors, Apex Legends, and more!

February 7, 2019

Podzilla After Dark 2-7-19

Tonight on After Dark we dive into the exotic world of rubber duckies with male extensions. ALSO - some real talk about sadness, the unbelievable MF'er of the week, and we talk about insane laws that you won't believe exist! Or you will! Just listen!

It's an energetic pWu tonight filled with news, opinions, and raunchy chicken jokes. We talk about huge lawsuit news coming from Lucha Underground, big AEW signings, injuries, and much more! We also recap RAW/Smackdown, including that baffling Jeff Jarrett segment with Elias.

February 5, 2019

Nerds for Hire 02-05-19

This month the Nerds for Hire are talking about whether or not Marvel should have a DC New 52 style reboot and how they'd do it.


Also, forewarning and apologies, Trevor's mic is off for the first half of the show.  

February 3, 2019

Nerd UP 02-03-19

This week on Nerd Up the crew is talking about news from Suicide Squad and The Batman movies, Young Justice, new all female Marvel team, and Mandy and Dalton give a spoiler free discussion on Kingdom Hearts 3.

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