November 30, 2017

Podzilla After Dark 11-30-17

It's the last night of Nostalgia November, and we go out with a bang! Relive our childhood memories of prom, Halloween costumes, adventures on 56k internet, ICQ, and a very angry rant about a very stupid shirt from Wal-Mart.

Matt Hardy finally gets vindication this week, and the world may be forever broken from this point on. We also talk New Japan Pro Wrestling this week, lament Finn Balor's supposed woes, and discuss the hottest stories in sports entertainment. Plus - we review Cape Championship Wrestling's Knockout November 2!

Lindsey fills in for Tanner this evening, and the spooky crew talks all about aliens, UFO's, and the mystery surrounding them. Are we being visited by beings from another planet? Or, are we being misled by our own government so they can carry out top secret operations right under our nose?

November 26, 2017

Nerd Up 11-26-17

Excuse our technical difficulties in this episode where the crew gives a spoiler free review of Coco, first impressions of The Punisher and The Runaways, Destiny 2 drama, Marvel Heroes and more!

This week pWu talks about the seesaw of emotions that came from NXT Wargames and Survivor Series. We also debate the decision to put an emphasis on old school stars like Kurt Angle, Shane McMahon, and HHH over new talent like Finn Balor and Nakamura. Plus - all the news and notes of the week, including a major return on RAW and a trio of debuts on Smackdown!

This week Dalton joins the Tuesday gang to have frank discussions about Star Wars Battlefront II, Animal Crossing on phones, the death (and baffling sadness) over the death of Charles Manson, pedohpiles in office, and net neutrality. We also say our goodbyes to the beloved Dr. Sheds.

November 19, 2017

Nerd Up 11-19-17

This week on Nerd Up the crew talks about Star Wars Battlefront 2, Justice League, X-Men Red and more!

November 16, 2017

Podzilla After Dark 11-16-17

Nostalgic November (yes, it's official) continues this week as the Thursday gang talks all about music. From fond memories of "Now That's What I Call Music" to the crew's most embarassing favorites and more, it's a melodic trip down memory lane!

Lots of New Japan Pro Wrestling news this week, and it's all good! We also talk about James Ellsworth leaving WWE, Eric Bischoff's new wrestling project, and we pick apart this weekend's Survivor Series!

November 12, 2017

Nerd Up 11-12-17

This week on Nerd Up the gang reviews Call of Duty WW2, talks about Brian Michael Bendis, Jean Grey, Disney buying Fox, Mark Millar, and more!

November 9, 2017

Podzilla After Dark 11-9-17

It's Nostalgia November again, and totally not Pokemon month like we've been saying for a whole week! Tonight on the show we start off with a classic instance of Mr. 100 influenced awkwardness, before settling in on a huge discussion about anime we grew up loving! Plus, we launch an all new campaign!

It's a HUGE week in wrestling news! We have a new WWE champion, we have a jaw dropping main event for Wrestle Kingdom, firings, disappointments, and much more! We also talk about last weekend's Stride Pro Wrestling event, where we have new champions a big return! 

Mr. 100 and the Five Star Man are back this week with a show about viruses and how they cancel shows, what the trio has been playing and watching, a really strange conversation about the Looney Toons characters if they were members of the Four Horsemen, and a whole bunch of praise for Tales From the Crypt!

November 5, 2017

Nerd Up 11-05-17

This week on Nerd Up the gang gives a spoiler free review of Thor Ragnarok and talks about the MCU in general, plus Blizzcon, Paris Games Week, and more!

The pWu crew welcomes November with a vengeance, as this week's news has left them all irritable and in one case physically sick. Tonight's topics include the hypocrisy of the Warrior's legacy, WWE firings, when saying nothing is the best possible option, the dvisive RAW from Monday, Impact, and much more! We also preview this weekend's big Stride Pro Wrestling show!

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