Broadcast Schedule

February 1, 2017

Sunday - Nerd Up

Host:  Jesse Kimball

Cast:  Stephanie White, Mandy Kennedy, Asa Gray, Dalton Manche, and Lindsey Wolfgong

This show focuses on all things nerdy - video games, comic books, cartoons, card games, etc.

Tuesday - Mr. 100 and The Five Star Man

Host:  Seanán Young

Cast:  Asa Gray, Ally Hebert

Seanán and Asa team up to bring you their critiques on the terrible things that are happening in the world.  Sometimes they talk about stuff that makes them happy, but it's mostly just anger.

Wednesday - Pro Wrestling Unscripted

Host:  Seanán Young

Cast:  Asa Gray, Dalton Manche, Ally Hebert

This show focuses on all things wrestling - news, opinions, previews, and more!

Thursday - Tanner Thursday, Topical Thursday, Train Wreck Thursday

Host:  Seanán Young

Cast:  Tanner Calvert, Lindsey Wolfgong, Jesse Kimball, Dalton Manche.

The man himself, Tanner Calvert is a very busy man but when he can make it on the show he finds us a fun topic ranging everywhere from aliens and ghosts to conspiracy theories to Harry Potter.  When he can't be there, we try to stick to current events, but whether he's there or not, sometimes everything turns into a train wreck.  This show is not for the easily offended as the crew typically removes all internal filters.  If that doesn't bother you, we're sure to make you laugh at least once.

Saturday - PZ85 Sports (ON HIATUS)

Host:  Cody Sandusky

If you have any interest at all in sports, this is the show for you.  Cody is a walking encyclopedia of sports knowledge and delivers the most relevant news every week in such an eloquent and enthusiastic manner that we recommend giving this show a shot even if you don't particularly care for sports.