Nerd Up 09-30-18

September 30, 2018

This week on Nerd Up the crew remembers to talk about Joaquin Phoenix as the joker, all the news on Fox's x-men movies, the Titans promos, Venom, Batman White Knight sequel, Fortnite, Smash Bros Ultimate and more!

Podzilla After Dark 9-27-18

September 27, 2018

Things get super personal tonight when Seanan reveals his week from hell and makes Mandy uncomfortable because of reasons. We also talk about the best places to eat that we don't like, the MF'er of the week, and our favorite shows to binge watch!

Pro Wrestling Unscripted 9-26-18

September 26, 2018

Lots of injury news tonight from Joey Janela, Sasha Banks, and that brutal concussion that Liv Morgan suffered on RAW. We also talk at length about WWE 2k19, Fire Pro Wrestling, the Mixed Match Challenge, Matt Hardy, X-Pac, Abyss, and much more! We also review RAW/Smackdown, last weekend's Stride Pro Wrestling, and preview this weekend's Cape Championship Wrestling show - Best of the Best!

Nerds for Hire 09-25-18

September 25, 2018

This month the Nerds for Hire are finishing up their table top series by talking about board games.  None of this monopoly or risk nonsense, but games that are actually fun.  From quick and cheap card games to involved, in-depth co-op games they talk a little bit about everything.

Nerd Up 09-23-18

September 23, 2018

This week the crew is talking about all the MCU news, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Batman Damned, Call of Duty Blackout, Red Dead Online, Playstation news and more!

Podzilla After Dark 9-20-18

September 20, 2018

Tonight's PZAD is brought to you by ill timed phone calls! Also it's coloring day at the PZ85 pre-school, we stumble over the MF'er of the week, and talk about our own middle school mix tapes! (Ally - mix tapes were what people had before playlists!)

Pro Wrestling Unscripted 9-19-18

September 19, 2018

Tonight the pWu gang takes a look at Matt Hardy's storied career now that he has announced his retirement. We also talk about the train wreck that was Ahmed Johnson, WWE 2k19 DLC news, injuries, signings, awful jokes, the Omega/Tanahashi war of words, and so much more! Plus - RAW/Smackdown/Hell in a Cell discussion, and we preview this Friday's Stride event!

Nerd Up 09-16-18

September 16, 2018

This week on Nerd Up the crew is talking about the last Nintendo Direct, Iron Fist season 2, Henry Cavill, James Bond, Spider-Man comics, and more!

Podzilla After Dark 9-13-18

September 13, 2018

Tonight on the show we come into contact with special guest Mary Jane! We also award a well deserved MF'er of the week, talk about comfort food, and make Mandy never want to eat ever again. Plus - Lindsey learns about Chococat gangbangs!

Pro Wrestling Unscripted - 9-12-18

September 12, 2018

pWu is Dolphin-less tonight, but we do have the hottest news of the week, including - the NWA championship, 2k19, Daniel Bryan, a completely BS book coming out that will "expose" the WWE's secrets, and much more! We also talk about RAW, Smackdown, give a small preview for Hell in the Cell, and recap last weekend's Stride Pro Wrestling event!