Our heroes find themselves trapped in the bowels of a haunted estate, with no one to guide them but a peculiar man Igor, who warns them of his "master's" plans. And what of the groans coming from the basement?

NTB returns with a look at Beto O'Rourke's brutal response to an idiot over the Uvalde shooting and the awful week Donald Trump had. Plus - the party of law & order is actively trying to get law enforcement in America killed. 

The king is dead, all hail the king of kings! This week we talk about Joey Ryan's awful one man show, the chant that needs to die a horrible death, cringey wrestling fans, and how HHH is ushering a new era of excitement in wrestling. All this plus a new segment called "The Shot Clock" that absolutely wrecks Mr. 100!

Twsting heads, zombies, dismemberment, and vampire children are a plenty in this week's PZ85 Plays. Aiden Valmont shines as a monster killer while our heroes fully realize the situation they have found themselves in.

WE'RE BACK with a grudge match too big for one planet - the grotesque monster from John Carpenter's iconic "The Thing" vs. the xenomorphs from Ridley Scott's classic "Alien!" It's a one on one fight between Mr. 100 and Steven Bright with Double H back in the judge's seat!

It was almost a special night on PZ85, as the original idea was to share the best Seanán memories in honor of his birthday. We decided pretty quick that was a bad idea, but we managed to squeak out some solid Mr. 100 memories along with some general nostalgia, and we even managed to sneak in some thoughts on Alex Jones and Eric Greitens! 

It's a special edition of IWTB previewing this weekend's massive Midwest Conference on the Unknown in Cape Girardeau, MO! We're talking about the guests, the vendors, and our own involvement in this huge three day event celebrating the paranormal!

It's a night full of PURE CHAOS with Sissom! This is the most Horse we've been in a long long time. Alcohol may be involved. Enjoy!

Tonight, on the show - those rascally Republicans are at it again! This time they're blocking a bill to provide medical aid to American troops and we're pissed! Also - Spectrum is pure scum (this time for murder, not awful service), and we have an all-new Top 5 featuring quotes that hit us on a personal level. This does not go well for our host. 

Tonight is (mostly) about Vince McMahon and how the impossible has happened. At least, we think. The man who changed wrestling to what it is today, for better or worse, has officially retired. The allegations pile up, the lawsuits are on their way, and the wrestling landscape will never be the same. Maybe, unless he isn't actually gone. We talk about it all tonight, plus more!

Our heroes delve deeper into the foreboding mansion in search of answers. While tensions rise between the group, the ghostly inhabitants finally make themselves known, and the cursed name of Strahd is carried on the ominous winds...

It's a few days late due to some cousin-related turbulence, but we're kicking the week off with an all new (sorta) 85AD! Tonight - utter nonsense, AND THEN an all-new top 5 featuring entertainment properties we would fix by making one change!

On tonight's pWu we discuss the continuing McMahon scandal that is now drawing others in to do damage control on WWE TV, the debut of Axiom, Jesse Ventura and Chris Jericho's heated exchange, the details on Ric Flair's last match, and much more!

It's our first live show in a long time, THIS time actually live in the same room, so what we lack in audio quality we make up for in togetherness! It's the first official episode of our next tabletop adventure, and five strangers find themselves in the dangerous and mysterious land of Barovia.

It's back! Double H returns at the height of the summer with an all-new pop culture deep dive in the latest edition of The Inquest! In this episode: the creation of and controversy surrounding gaming giant Bioware's space opera trilogy Mass Effect, and how choice shapes our perception of media.

IT'S HORSE TIME! Tonight - a new SNL skit, lots of car talk because BMW has lost its goddamn mind, and WAY too much horse humor for a show called Horse Time.

On tonight's PZ85AD we ramble on about Jan 6th stuff, the voices in Seanán's head that warn him of the coming blight, and talk about 5 actors (we could not keep it to 5 actors) who instantly sell us on a movie! 

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