IWTB is back with an all-new episode! Tonight, the men in black discuss the prospect of buying a haunted bar, an amazing discovery in Canada, the twisted tale of Google's first allegedly self-aware AI LaMDA, Ke$ha's new paranormal show (we're dead serious and it looks great), a possible cryptid caught on camera, and NASA throwing their hat in the ring when it comes to UAP research!

On tonight's delayed episode of 85AD - we discuss the Obi Wan Kenobi series now that it has wrapped up (spoilers!), and reveal five of our favorite movie moments of all time. Although for Seanán, it's like 20. 

NOTE - This episode was recorded before the announcement about Roe v. Wade. 

Seanán is back with an all new episode talking about fall of Roe v Wade, what rights could be stripped away next, the continued insanity of the Republican party, the ineffectiveness of the Democrat party, and why we must continue to fight against all odds.

This week on pWu - the Missouri Commission gets another one, Vince McMahon is a scumbag, WWE should be ashamed of themselves (but won't be), the cracks are starting to show in AEW's armor, Sasha Banks is out (we think), happy anniversary to Impact Wrestling, and much more!

It's a showdown at high noon! Cassidy, Luna, Chef, and Greg the ghoul find themselves in a gunfight in the middle of New Freeland as they continue to search for answers about what the hell is going on. Between the lasers, bullets, flames, and swings they discover a dangerous new ally and an all new mystery!

It's a night of terrifying stories featuring a local man in the news for beheading his pregnant ex-girlfriend and an elephant who never forgets...to kill! We also have an all-new top 5 featuring lost media, and you guessed it - it's just an excuse to talk about old toys!

It's another night of awful things, as Mr. 100 and Double H talk about Jeff Hardy's most recent DUI arrest, the breaking Vince McMahon hush money scandal, unprofessionalism in wrestling, and how Tammy Sytch continues to be just the worst person. 

A Brotherhood of Steel initiative, a vault dweller, and a broken Mr. Handy walk into a bar looking for information on a pair of ghouls, one of which they just had to put down. What they find is danger, intrigue, a little bit of alcoholism, and a new friend! Tonight we have TWO huge guest stars!

This was recorded on our newest holiday of June 9th, but due to our deep moral code we held off on posting it until today. ON TONIGHT'S SHOW - January 6th committee talk, and we discuss some of our favorite robots of all time...for some reason! Also, ETHAN RETURNS!

It's return of the majestic stallions! And, tonight we have an insanely...calm and pointed episode of Horse Time, as we talk about movies and video games. Someone needs to spike our oats!

Tonight the "Big D" Dalton Anthony comes home to pWu to talk more about the MJF situation, Cody Rhodes' gutsy performance at Hell in the Cell, a shocking twist in the Judgement Day storyline, why Glenn Jacobs is the worst thing in wrestling, being blocked on Twitter, and more!

The post-apocalyptic adventure continues tonight! Brotherhood of Steel initiate Cassidy and vault dweller Roxy find themselves on the wrong end of a shotgun, as their investigation into a pair of missing ghouls comes to a bloody conclusion. And what's this? A new character? STEVEN IS BACK!?

Tonight we spend WAY too much time confusing our audience base with talk of former French heartthrob Gerard Depardieu, and for a beautiful brief night we channel the old Nerd Up and discuss Sony's State of Play, the new Pokemon trailer, Diablo Immortal, and more! PLUS - an all new top 5 featuring one hit wonders! Le'Chonk for Life!

It's an especially focused edition of pWu as Mr. 100 and Double H focus on the continuing saga of MJF in AEW. Is it a shoot? Is it a work? Is it actually entertaining or just an insult to the intelligence? Come join our deep dive, featuring a surprising (even to him) appearance from Jesse!

No, this isn't a repeat - another week, another mass killing, another round of prayers, another opportunity to make changes to protect our lives that will fade away to nothing. Seanán Young presents another rambling mess of thoughts and accusations in the wake of the horrific Uvalde shooting. 

It's a somber show tonight as the cast tries to process the senseless murders this week at an elementary school in Texas. We also try to find some kind of laughter in a very sad world and discuss some of our favorite movies that everyone seems to hate but we love.

On tonight's show - Joey Janela has a bad case of hot foot, wrestling fans are the worst, Jaxson Ryker puts the final nail in his career, Scott Steiner threatens to finish off Ric Flair if the opportunity arose, WWE 2K22 is a house of lies, we give the latest updates on the Sasha/Naomi situation, and more!

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