It's the showdown you've been waiting for, as our heroes come face to fang with the Count! What horrors await in the darkness for those that would survive this bloody encounter? Find out in this - the final episode of the first arc of our tale!

A Halloween tradition begins at Podzilla 1985! This is our brand-new seasonal scripted series, "The Hallow's Eve Tales," full of original horror stories written and voice-acted by PZ85 cast members (and some newcomers as well!), with new episodes coming every Monday in October.

In episode one, local radio station KPDZ receives a very interesting guest on their spooky season call-in show. Summer camp can be such a magical time in a young person's life...if it lasts that long.

"Delirium at Camp Kinkaid" was created by Tanner Calvert, written for stage by Hunter Hendricks, and performed in order of appearance by Seanán Young and Amber Dawn.

It's spooky time! On this episode of 85AD we carry on the tradition of providing you 31 things to experience this Halloween season. Movies, television, games, podcasts - we got you covered this year, regardless of how you like to experience your entertainment! 

Our heroes have been cautious in their quest so far, but this episode changes everything. A faint cry and a blood-soaked cell lead them to what they've been searching for - the crypt of the manor's master, and all of the evil that dwells within.

What is the difference between ZA and SUH? When will the Dall-E obsession end? WHY did Asa choose this night of all nights to stop by for an appearance? All of this and more answered on tonight's Equestrian Related Comedy Hour!

ON TONIGHT'S SHOW - Brett Favre is a POS and Jesse always knew it, lobsters are classy, Nintendo really likes farming games, and we count down 5 of our favorite snacks of all time!

It's the return of a very tired Mr. 100 and Double H this week, and the duo discuss the AEW/CM Punk brawl aftermath, why Tony Khan is an awful promoter, early signs that the HHH regime might not be the heaven we envisioned it to be, and much more! INCLUDING - Seanán stalling for time by reading the PWI Top 500!

Tonight, the team gets unrated and unruly NOT about the Queen's death, but we do have an all-new top 5 about movies we loved yet forgot about. And one Shelby-soon-to-be-Kimball might have it out for our resident raccoon dancing mountain man...

Tonight's show is a glorious car wreck that may have absolutely broken the entire cast. From start to finish, this is classic Horse Time. It has EVERYTHINGT to do with Horse Time! EVERYTHING!

We're going to be honest with you - a lot of tonight is dedicated to the CM Punk/AEW drama that unfolder after All Out. We deep dive into what happened, what brought us to that point, and where does AEW go from here. But we also give our thoughts on WWE Clash at the Castle, NXT, and why Braun Strowman is the SECOND worst thing to happen to wrestling this week!

Tonight is all about the three bad D's - doors, decisions, and disappearances. Our heroes are trapped in the bowels of the mansion in search of its maniacal master. While they search for answers in the labyrinth of blood and monsters, one of their own mysteriously disappears into the shadows...

Tonight we get silly with Dall-E, enter the Science Room for some learnin', and get into awkward arguments that sabotage the rest of the show! HORSE

Tonight's episode of 85AD truly has everything - Sarah Palin jokes, hospital bills, celebrity doppelgangers, tiny vampires, loud physical comedy, and more! PLUS - an appearance by one half of the CCW tag team champions, Dalton Anthony! Or should we say Brian Posehn? 

Time to head to the pay window, daddy! Tonight on pWu we're talking about AEW troubles, Lady Frost troubles, Vince Russo causin' trouble, bad booking, good booking, and how Matt Riddle got his groove (and name) back!

Plays is back and the adventure through D&D Hell continues! Tonight, our heroes are face to face with the terrors that lurk in the basement of the manor. This episode has it all - bisection, whip grappling, parkour, ladders, and more!

It's ridin' time, so saddle up and start your week with the most pointless show on the network. THIS WEEK we eventually get to a point and talk about the movies and music that dominated the years we were born. Who had the best year? You decide!

It's the return of After Dark! In an extra special episode of PZ85AD, Lindsey introduces a fun idea to the group and they mercilessly slaughter it like a hog. Be careful what you wish for - your friends might turn it against you.

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