It's the Late Late Show tonight as a tired cast talks about George W. Bush's slip talking about Russia's invasion of Ukraine and we count down our 5 favorite animated intros of all time! Well, it was supposed to be 5 each, but with so many honorable mentions it's like 10 each. Enjoy!

Tonight, we cover the breaking Sasha Banks/Naomi controversy from Monday Night RAW - what led them to walk out, WWE's response, if they were justified, and more. We also have a happy (?) update on the Tammy Sytch situation, we talk about the things we hate in wrestling this week, and discuss the absurdity of Ric Flair returning to the ring at 73.

It's an explosive episode of NTB as host Seanán Young discusses the tragic shooting in Buffalo, points fingers at who is responsible, and tears down the standard process of 'thoughts and prayers' without action. 

It's a tale of two shows tonight as we start in extremely dark territory about suicide that comes with an actual trigger warning before doing a 180 and finishing on the extremely light, fluffy, and controversial top 5 this week - TV/movies we loved as kids that absolutely do not hold up today. Prepare to shatter your nostalgia glasses.

It's an extra-long edition of the revamped pWu tonight as Mr. 100 and Double H discuss Wrestlemania Backlash, CM Punik and Eric Bischoff's war of words, if Roman Reigns is close to done with WWE, Kota Ibushi's recent concerning behavior, Tammy Sytch's arrest after causing another man's death, and much more! Also - hear our take on the Ukraine Kid. Spoilers - it ain't pretty.

The story of the Midnight Coterie comes to an end tonight, as our heroes make a suicide run to stop the Empire. With friends and allies from the entire year and a half adventure at their side, Hirani, Iris, Kruskog, Grozz, and maybe even the force itself make their final stand. 

We may be a few days late due to a PZ85 MARRIAGE, but tonight we proudly (?) present our delayed STAR WARS edition of After Dark! Tonight we talk about five our absolute favorite moments from the entire realm of Star Wars media! Listen in as Seanán literally has his entire list stolen out from under him!

Mr. 100 and Double H are back this week to talk about the hottest news inside the squared circle, including - more "budget cuts" for record profit company WWE, a big win for Kane that brings back the question of "can you separate man from character," and actor Freddie Prinze Jr. has a three-year plan to open up a new wrestling promotion! Plus - things we hate in wrestling this week!

Tonight's episode is a special look back at the 2 year adventures of the Midnight Coterie! The gang is here to talk about their characters, what they've been through, their motivations, and maybe even peel back the curtain a little bit on what goes on behind the scenes. It's a proper send off to our favorite heroes and villains before next week's series finale!

Seanán is judge, jury, and executioner tonight as usual host Double H takes up the whip and fedora of famed archeologist Indiana Jones to take on Cody, who dons the suit of Mr. Shaken-not-Stirred himself, the quintessential spy, James Bond!

Tonight on a special edition of 85AD we're talking about our favorite TV episodes with Seanán, Lindsey, Double H, and Tanner! Not on the show - Jesse, who was playing a 22 year old game and watching a sports draft instead!

The Star Wars saga is heading to its conclusion, and tonight's episode may be the best we've ever done. The battle against Vader continues as the crew of the Midnight Coterie desperately tries to stop the Sarlaac Project. Tonight, in the saga's most heart-breaking moment, one character makes the ultimate sacrifice to save another from an unimaginable fate. 

It's a whole new night of the unknown as the boys in black talk about AI powered killer microwaves, the AATIP spending millions of taxpayer dollars on insane sci-fi research, protection for Bigfoot, Scotland's monster files, and the 2022 Midwest Conference of the Unknown!

April 24, 2022

Dangerous Precedents

It's the return of No Turning Back after a few weeks off, and today host Seanán Young finally gets to talk about the slap heard round the world, as well as discussing what rights we have to remain anonymous online in the wake of the Libs of TikTok scandal. 

It's Earth Day, and tonight we celebrate by talking about some of the absolute worst humans on this old Earth before transitioning into a thoughtful discussion about our favorite flowers. Well, except for Double H and Seanán, who did the assignment wrong.

Our last episode found our heroes face to face with the most powerful being in the galaxy against the backdrop of war. Hirani finds herself struggling against the darkness within as her crewmates struggle to complete their mission and save the rebellion! 

Tonight the gang goes ham on the Missouri State Athletic Commission for their costly changes that could kill the wrestling industry in MO, and somehow Lindsey talked us into deciding who the cutest Pokemon starts are across all gens. Hey, Jim!

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