Tonight we mourn the loss of comedic genius Norm Macdonald, blast CBS for their tone deaf new gameshow, dive into Nicki Minaj's reason for not getting vaccinated, tear apart James Wan and Malignant, and share five hidden gems in our Spotify playlists!

A large cast assembles tonight to recap President Biden's explosive announcement today regarding COVID and the workforce, remind you about how bad the new Mortal Kombat film was, share some wise (?) words from a conservative voice, declare the MF'er of the week, AND TALK ABOUT OUR FAVORITE HORSIES!

85AD is back with a vengeance! Tonight we put the heat on Texas in the wake of their new abortion laws, school racism, and mask mandates! Sorry, Ciro! Plus - Joe Rogan is a complete idiot and Lindsey is back with an all new top 5!

It's a surprisingly dark (no pun intended) show tonight, as the gang talks about mask mandates, child murderers, sociopaths, Chris Chan, and more. We also pay tribute to comedian Trevor Moore and Lindsey tricks us into revealing our YouTube histories!

The Thursday night gang is back and boy, will they wish they weren't. On tonight's show - the arrest of the most documented person in history (for an unbelievable reason), the lawsuit against Blizzard and what that means for our world...of Warcraft, the return of COVID, and an all new Top 5 to get the taste out of our mouths!

This week we call out Kid Rock for...well, there are lots of reasons, but one in particular this time. We also talk about the testimony of magnetic anti-vaxxers, and Seanan gets in on the trivia game this week with questions so easy Kid Rock could probably answer them if he had help.

The trivia is back! This week the Big D joins the Thursday show to play a round of animation trivia with predictably insane results. We also threw some stuff in there about Ellie Kemper and the continued insanity of Donald Trump, but absolutely NO vampires!

Tonight the gang talks about the bombshell that President Obama dropped about the existence of UFO's, name our MF'er of the week (Republicans might want to plug their ears), and enjoy some outdated trivia that Jesse clearly takes issue with. 

Tonight we hit all the usual beats - we talk politics and how the GOP has abandoned Liz Cheney and sanity, we talk entertainment and the arrest of Boogie2988, we talk about the news that masks are no longer necessary for the vaccinated, AND we talk about our top 5 favorite Adult Swim episodes! This episode is guaranteed to be 100% late!

It's all about fun tonight, so you absolutely won't hear about possible trouble in the Derek Chauvin verdict or the Republicans attempt to restructure the party as the party of Trump. Nope! Just fun and trivia!

It's a crossover episode! Tonight the casts of AD and Horse Time join forces to talk about a whole lot of nothing, then discuss their favorite video game characters of all time in what's actually a clever ruse from Lindsey to talk about her new mobile game! 

Tonight the gang tries to not talk about current social issues and fail horribly, but they make up for it in the second half with an all new round of trivia that leaves Jesse baffled. Tonight's show features guest star Gordon Shumway as Pawn Star favorite Chumlee!

Lindsey hits us with more trivia this week, but this time she may have gone too far. Does ANYONE remember "Indian in the Cupboard" or the Stephen King classic "The Shawshank Gallery?" The train is off the rails early tonight. 

Tonight is one of those nights that makes Seanan question why he stays on the show. One awkward story turns into a night of hell for him, but we also manage to speak at length about the ability of Chuck Tingle and also talk about five of our favorite pieces of media coming out this year!

Tonight we try so hard to stay away from hot button issues and fail miserably. Speaking of fails, we also discuss the WORST Pokemon designs of all time. And before you ask, no, you cannot have the rabbit.

Tonight Lindsey puts us through an all new trivia game! That means 100% less politics and depressing news this week! It's a night of laughs, and perhaps the wheels of fate are a little kinder to Tanner tonight?

It's another casual episode of PZ85 this week. Join us for an hour of randomness and a discussion about five our favorite video games to completely lose ourselves in. Bring a pricing guide for whatever pictures you'd like to see!

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