Real life "Indiana Jones," researcher, and History Channel/Travel Channel host Scott Wolter returns to PZ85 alongside his wife and acclaimed author Janet Wolter for our most explosive, controversial, and must listen to episode ever. Scott and Janet talk about everything from Kensington runestones, a mysterious visit that made them believers in extraterrestrials visiting Earth, aliens among us, politics, and much more! You won't believe what Scott and Janet disclose to us!

On this special edition of IWTB we interview paranormal journalist and historian Michael Huntington! The panel discusses the recent boom in UFO popularity, historical moments in extraterrestrial sightings, ghost hunting, and more!

Tonight the seekers of truth talk about the new friendly relationship between mainstream media and the world of the paranormal, and answer live audience questions about ghosts, aliens, and more! Plus - who would YOU cast in an X-Files reboot?

Tonight we're looking for the truth in a very shady place - within the US government. Will the upcoming report shed any real light on what has been invading our airspace, or is it just another smoke screen? Plus - killer A.I., the absolute limit to when your time is going to be up, and Tanner remotes in for a very poor decision!

Tonight's all new IWTB is all about visitors from outer space! America is inching ever closer to the truth coming out, and tonight we talk about UAP's, famous sightings, our personal experiences, and what the hell the truth might actually be!

It's the return of IWTB! Tonight 2/3rd of us pay attention as talk about ghost children, haunted TikToks, the piece of garbage Uri Geller, and even more bombshell admissions from the US government about UAP activity in American airspace! All this and your boy is a box!

Tonight on an all new IWTB we hit all the classics - ghosts, UFO's, mysteries, Post Malone, and we share a very special moment with Tanner where we obliterate his sincerity over a story we didn't vet beforehand. Scientists hate it when you use this one weird trick involving crystals and energy pumps to speak to the dead. PLUS - the United States government admits something absolutely SHOCKING when it comes to UFO's and no one is talking about it!

Tonight we investigate the unknown, including - a very alive elderly woman's brush with cremation, Paul Froggatt's brush with a 7 foot tall praying mantis, the rollout of a thousand robots this year who will surely destroy us all, and in our main segment we discuss the Black Vault and what it could mean for UFO investigations going forward.

In our second ever live episode the IWTB agents dive deep into a plethora of alien news, including a surprising add on to the COVID-19 relief bill, a supposed "galactic federation" that the US is part of, a strange UAP sighting over Hawaii, and more! It's not all aliens though, as Tanner shares some exciting news about his work with Scott Wolter and the gang discusses a very interesting upcoming Ghost Adventures special surrounding the strange death of Elisa Lam.

Tonight's IWTB clocks in at half the time, but we stuffed it full of talk about Aleister Crowley, the Supernatural series finale, a near miss with a UFO in England, strange monoliths, and why Contact is an awful film. Plus - we continue to try to pronounce Dybbuk. 

Tonight on the pre-Halloween IWTB we tackle some questions from r/Podzilla1985. We also discuss ghost hunting, little rocket men, witch stones, Sasquatch (BRIEFLY), a cryptid sighting in our back yard, and the sad passing of James Randi. 

Tonight on IWTB we talk about 5 paranormal shows to binge this October, why you shouldn't play in Graveyards, TikTok paranormal goodness, the president threatening aliens, and more! Plus - we really love Johnathan Frakes. 

It's a bit of an odd duck of a show tonight. We talk about UFO's making an "act of war," the Travel Channel sinks to a new low, time travel paradoxes, Skinwalker ranch, and more! Plus - Lindsey really dislikes Seanan tonight for some reason.

Tonight on IWTB we tackle the question of if we do TRULY believe, if we want to believe, or where on exactly on that spectrum we are. Plus - (more) tragedy at the infamously haunted Lemp brewery, the return of Oumuamua, the mystery of Roanoke, and more!

Seanan, Tanner, and Hunter are back with another trip into the unexplained! On tonight's show - time travel, way too much X-Files discussion, a drive in haunted house in Japan, a ghost girl, and a new program from the Department of Defense to study unidentified aerial phenomena! 

It's a special Saturday edition of I Want to Believe! Tonight we reveal new information on mysterious stones found in Texas, and dissect a New York Times article that spells it our clearer than we've ever heard it before about what some reported UFO's are - "off-world vehicles not made on this Earth.”

It's a mix of topics tonight as we get back into the swing of things. On tonight's show we discuss something new from TikTok that people say can actually see ghosts, continued coverage of the declassification of UFO reports from the Navy, and we talk about the new version of Unsolved Mysteries! 

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