The 9th chapter of the Dawn of Defiance starts tonight! Our heroes have little time to rest after their battle aboard a speeding train. Now armed with the codes they need, the crew of the Midnight Coterie speed towards Prakith in search of Jedi Master Denia. However, a chance encounter with a strange Duros could end everything...

November 21, 2021

Ghostbusters: Afterlife Review

We can't wait any longer! Tonight the boys in gray (and Lindsey) review the much anticipated sequel to Ghostbusters that we've been waiting thirty years for! Tonight - legendary wrestler Austin Lane joins the show!

This was recorded before the Rittenhouse verdict, so there is only SOME anger! Tonight the gang picks a favorite TV show from the "old days," and talks about their five favorite episodes from it! And as promised - NO SEINFELD!

Asa introduces the new show he is launching, and we hope you check it out!

It's a rather enjoyable trip down memory lane tonight as the gang discusses late night TV hosts, stand up comedians, and music from our youth that takes us back. All this and a bottle of whiskey!

Tonight - the conclusion to The Gem of Alderaan, and our heroes find themselves battling a bloodthirsty foe on a train moments away from collapsing into sure death! If the fall doesn't kill them, the starfighters hammering the train from the outside will! Can the crew of the Midnight Coterie survive to see Episode 48!?

pWu is back and on a special night this week! And we're only posting it two days late! Tonight - Seanán. Dalton, and Double H talk about the most recent WWE "budget cuts" that turned surefire stars like Karrion Kross and Keith Lee into free agents. The trio discuss who was let go, why they were let go, and what it means for pro wrestling going forward.

We're kickin' off November with a look back at some of our favorite cult films! Also, there's some horrific stuff about what Henry Ruggs III did!

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