Tonight we hit an all new milestone - WE SOLD A BOOK! And wait until you hear about it! Plus - Caz is three sheets to the wind early, and the fans ask us our favorite top 5's on the spot! Watch out for the village bicycle!

It's a wild night on PZ85 AD! Tonight the gang calls out rapper Azaelia Banks for a history of hate, calls out animal abusers, calls out politicians for feeding us the same BS over and over, and so much more! We also finish up our Funko topic from last week, and this time Lindsey, Jesse, and Shelby don't bail on Seanán and Caz!

Asa and Dalton return to talk the biggest ever Performance Center class (featuring some familiar faces), AEW's new Show AND their new Youtube program, and of course discuss why Elimination Chamber broke Asa's heart. 

The saga continues! After last week's death, our heroes are out for revenge and in the mood to create some defiance. An attack on an Imperial base is just the beginning in the new struggle against evil tonight on an all new PZ85 Plays!

It is a FULL HORSE tonight as Seanan, Double H, Caz, Tanner, Cody, Dalton, and Asa come together in a massive reunion of jokes, jabs, vondrukes, witches, stories, and more. Plus - Tanner admits his true feelings for poop tail. 

Finally! Tonight Seanan unveils his life lessons to thunderous awkwardness. We also talk about the historic Mars landing, the MF'er of the week, Ted Cruz, the most recent Nintendo Direct, and more! We also try to share 5 Funko Pops we want that haven't been made yet, but our technology is working against us...

Dalton and Asa return to cover the big week of wrestling news! The Forbidden Door has been kicked open, new names headed to WWE, and preview Elimination Chamber, and gush over that NXT Takeover!

Tonight our band of puckish rogues find themselves infiltrating an Imperial prison to free a native who may have vital information for them. In the grand battle that follows, one of our heroes does not make it out alive...

Tonight on an all new IWTB we hit all the classics - ghosts, UFO's, mysteries, Post Malone, and we share a very special moment with Tanner where we obliterate his sincerity over a story we didn't vet beforehand. Scientists hate it when you use this one weird trick involving crystals and energy pumps to speak to the dead. PLUS - the United States government admits something absolutely SHOCKING when it comes to UFO's and no one is talking about it!

Trying to describe this episode would be like trying to describe the beauty of the Mona Lisa with just words. It's funny, it's insane, it's pure squalor. Enjoy!

We're all over the place tonight as we discuss cancel culture amid Gina Carano's firing, more Johnny Depp/Amber Heard drama for some reason, CD Projekt Red's woes, Tessica Brown's poor decisions, Trump's impeachment, and we recast the Golden Girls for a potential reboot!

It's a new adventure! With Crade gone, Irys is left to pick up the pieces of her former crew when she is tasked with a new assignment. When things look bleak, a mysterious Jedi steps forward to help her, and a starship full of familiar faces carries the new crew back into the arms of danger!

February 8, 2021

Nerd Up 02-08-21

This week the guys are talking about Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Raya, spoiler-free WandaVision, Garth Ennis, the new Battlefield game, Google Stadia, and more!

It's the most off the rails and insane HORSE TIME in a LONG time. Tonight Seanan, Caz, and Tanner are joined by the real star of Podzilla 1985 to talk about awful teachers, carrying guns on school grounds, and more. Witness Seanan's actual descent into madness!

Tonight, Seanan, Jesse, Lindsey, and Caz talk about the insane civil war happening in the Republican party, shocking news from around the US, and five of our most awkward moments with strangers. Come for the political commentary, stay for the cringe. 

Dalton and Asa are back again covering the week in pro wrestling! Royal Rumble recap, Lars Sullivan, and a TON of action figure talk!

It's the final episode of the "Echoes of the Jedi" arch, and for one of our heroes it's the end of the line. Tonight Crade, Iris, Hirani, and Groz face off against an impossible threat in their quest for the holocron. Tonight - everything changes. 

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