It's our last Thursday show before Halloween, and we're as sad as you are that the real world makes a come back starting next week. Tonight we discuss our favorite horror monsters AND our hand selected Pokemon Ghost/Dark teams!

It's an action packed adventure tonight as our heroes get closer to Darga, run afoul of an imperial agent, and sever some arms as Hirani takes the lead. May the Force help them all. 

Tonight on the pre-Halloween IWTB we tackle some questions from r/Podzilla1985. We also discuss ghost hunting, little rocket men, witch stones, Sasquatch (BRIEFLY), a cryptid sighting in our back yard, and the sad passing of James Randi. 

It's a shorter-than-usual show tonight as 2/3rd of the cast prepare to live stream with the 5 Star Man on Twitch, but we manage to pack in some questionable material, creepy video games, and whatever nonsense Tanner is spewing. 

We've got two more chances to bring the spooky, and tonight we dive into why a scientific look into the scariest movie of all time is a bunch of BS, and we talk about our favorite scary literature! 

A short time ago, on a podcast not so far away... CONFUSION! Tonight we're plagued by issues but manage to crank out an episode that is basically one giant war against enemies both pig faced and vampire mouthed alike. It's an hour packed full of action and distraction!

October 19, 2020

Nerd Up 10-19-20

This week Asa and Jesse are talking about Disney Pixar's Soul, Obi-Wan, Spider-Man, Dexter, big games gone gold, Mortal Kombat, and more!

It's a general rule that when at least 6 people are on the show, the show will be utter trash. Tonight we continue that tradition. But we know you won't take our advice and stay away - you kids love squalor. IT'S HORSE TIME!

Tonight we get into a spooooky debate about ketchup vs. mustard, ignore Halloween for half the show, and then discuss our favorite costumes that we've worn! It's hotdogoriffic!

Asa & Dalton return to talk about this weeks wrestling news including Ridge Holland's freak injury, Alberto Del Rio's potential prison time, and MONTY BROWN'S RETURN TO WRESTLING!(?) All this and more on this week's Pro Wrestling Unscripted!


Who's da baby?

The group says goodbye to a dear friend before making their way to Bespin via a surprising transport! The city of the clouds provides a breathtaking view, but danger, intrigue, and miscommunication lands our heroes in a perilous spot. 

Tonight on IWTB we talk about 5 paranormal shows to binge this October, why you shouldn't play in Graveyards, TikTok paranormal goodness, the president threatening aliens, and more! Plus - we really love Johnathan Frakes. 

Tonight Seanan and Hunter take on the task of horse timing as a duo! Enjoy elitist talk about films, video games, and more! Have you ever listened to a podcast called horse time that contains no talk about horses?

The thrills and chills continue this week as we argue about the quality of Hereditary vs. Hubie Halloween, and reveal five fictional characters that scared the hell out of us when we were younger. In October, we don't drip brown. We drip RED. 

The 5 Star Man returns to gush over NXT Takeover 31, get mad about WWE's handling of talent's Twitch accounts, and to get sad over the cancellation of GLOW. How many times does his brain fail him? Only one way to find out!

It's the final installment of A Wretched Hive, and we conclude with the darkest ending in the series so far! Blood will be shed, friendships tested, and one of our heroes comes closer to the dark side than ever before...

October 5, 2020

Nerd Up 10-05-20

This week on Nerd Up the guys are talking a whole lot about movie theaters, Lion King, Minecraft, Spider-Man Remastered, WoW Shadowlands and more!

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