It's an actual full house tonight as Seanan, Hunter, Cody, Tanner, and Derek talk about food, more food, argue about food, debate food, and yes - more Chuck Tingle. 

Tonight we give our listeners the tingle - the CHUCK Tingle, talk about Xbox's recent presentation, five series we should have given up on a long time ago, and yes, HORSES.

Tonight on pWu we talk about how stupid Tyler Reks is, a bunch of debuts this week, Xavier Woods' G4 push, Ember Moons critical look at Sahsa Banks title win, AEW's continued success, and much more! IT'S HORSE TIME!

It's the final episode in the Horrors of Perryville trilogy! The bestial versions of our heroes make their way through a mysterious facility, where blood, betrayal, and the final confrontation with a mad doctor await them. 

It's a special Saturday edition of I Want to Believe! Tonight we reveal new information on mysterious stones found in Texas, and dissect a New York Times article that spells it our clearer than we've ever heard it before about what some reported UFO's are - "off-world vehicles not made on this Earth.”

It's a wild night on the Legendary show with a full house to talk about our favorite movies, Hamilton, and a very special cold open featuring H.R. Pickens!

It's another trip down the idiot rabbit hole tonight as we talk about people who still refuse to wear their masks or practice social distancing, Trump's secret police force, and just scumbags in general. Oh, and we talk about our favorite five films from before we were born. The ultimate tragedy - Seanan can't pick Ghostbusters!

pWu is back this week to talk about an important declaration from Billy Corgan, a huge number of Impact debuts/returns, coronavirus news, good causes from Big E and Sami Zayn, and more! Plus - we gush over Slammiversary, and EVISCERATE The Horror Show at Extreme Rules!

Our heroes wake up in a strange place and...changed. Tonight they search for answers and yes, there will be blood. LOTS of blood.

Tonight we serve up a heapin' spoonful of Podzilla justice with a full crew of Seanan, Hunter, Tanner, Dalton, and Cody! Come for the cold open, cringe at the words we cannot speak, and stay for more musical talk!

To be fair it's not THE Florida Man, but governor Ron DeSantis earns a special title tonight. We also talk about Nick Cannon's recent comments that got him in boiling hot water, and the show with, of course, musicals!

July 15, 2020

Nerd Up 07-13-20

Sorry for the delay on the show, guys, there were some technical difficulties that should all be resolved now!


This week on the show the guys are talking about the new Batwoman, Hamilton, a new super edge lord Marvel event, Ubisoft Forward, Devolver Digital and more!

When Tanner is called away before the manhunt, streetwise Maria joins Seanan and Lindsey in pursuit of answers to what happened on Highway B. But will her willingness to help the PZ85 crew cost her dearly? Someone is watching...

Tonight we present a tale of two shows - the worst Celebrity Jeopardy impersonation in history, and an actual discussion about films and directors. Also, we throw some random trivia you can't see at the end to keep you guessing!

Tonight the gang decides to bring some well deserved attention to a local racist, express shock and disgust at outrageous electronic prices, and we talk about our favorite animated films that AREN'T from the House of Mouse. 

Tonight on pWu we avoid beautiful s3x hackers and talk about WWE Battlegrounds, that new US title, Kairi Sane, good news for Sarah Logan, Summerslam, a HUGE NXT spoiler, and much more!

Did a night in Perryville jail cool our heroes heads? This week the trio find themselves on the hunt for a possible killer, avoiding the law, and dropping more Perryville references than you can shake a wooden bat with nails at. Plus - someone literally walks the pig!

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