March 30, 2020

Nerd Up 03-30-20

This week on Nerd Up, Jesse and Asa try a remote podcast out to bring what little news we have in the midst of this pandemic including a surprise Nintendo Direct, some PS5 specs, and a little bit of Call of Duty talk.  I am aware of and apologize for the quality difference in our mics.  Hopefully you can look past it and enjoy!  Stay safe out there!

Times are rough. Believe me, we know. And yes, we are talking about the C-word tonight. Come for the virus, stay for Disney trivia!

Caronavirus still dominates the headlines, including some drastic changes to this year's Wrestlemania. Despite that, Asa spends the majority of this shortened episode discussing a missing Kickstarter project from 2011 that has made a shocking return!

March 24, 2020

The Hype Train 03-24-20

This month the guys are talking about some Call of Duty, The Good Place, World of Warcraft and way more!

Mandy is back and tonight we count down our 10 favorite Animal Crossing villagers! We also talk more about how the coronavirus is disrupting all walks of life, and Shannon drops a bombshell that will change PZ85 forever. This's no joke.

The 5 Star Man is a One Man Gang as he breaks down the latest effects COVID-19 has on the wrestling world including the big changes to Wrestlemania. That's not all though as he also talks about The New Day appearing on All That, one of the AOP suffering an injury, and the newest members to the WWE Hall of Fame!

March 16, 2020

Nerd Up 03-16-20

This week on Nerd Up the crew is talking a little bit about all the delays and cancellations due to corona and then swiftly moving to as much non-corona news as possible.  Including a spoiler free review for Onward, news about DCeased, X-Box Series X and PS5 hardware announcements, Spawn and more!

Oh boy. We kick off our next 1000 episodes with a truly spectacular episode as Cody joins the show to talk about the ramifications of the Coronavirus as America seems to be shutting down. Also tonight - quite possibly the most shocking moment in PZ85 history. 

Forget the Game - it's all about the coronavirus and how you spread it! Wrestlemania is in legitimate danger of being cancelled as other big time events are being shut down left and right. We also have updates on Scott Steiner, Matt Hardy, AJ Styles latest accomplishment, and much more!

Mr. 100 and Ally are back after a long absence, and they're joined by none other than WWE superstar and comedian Dolph Ziggler to talk about his comedy career, professional wrestling, and much more ahead of Dolph's live stand up show this Thursday (March 12th) at the Laughing Gas comedy club in Cape Girardeau!

This week on PWU, Asa welcomes Kyle Stephenson to discuss more Coronavirus concerns, Matt Hardy's wrestling future, AEW's newest signings, and Kevin Owens' raising money for mental health! Be sure to follow Kyle @whodatninja73 on twitter and check out his shows BFsTalkFunny and The Trophy Room!

Mr. 100 is out sick this week, but the Man Himself takes the lead with Calvin and Ally to talk about Bigfoot (because Seanan is gone), startling ISS UFO footage, and the creeping dread of the Coronavirus. Awesome!

March 2, 2020

Nerd Up 03-02-20

This week on Nerd Up the crew is talking about some Disney news, Candyman, Marvel news from C2E2, Star Wars, Baldur's Gate 3 and more

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