March 30, 2017

Podzilla After Dark

General Flynn is ready to turn snitch on Donald Trump in exchange for immunity, we talk about getting way too angry at games, roast the Big D for no good reason at all, and are blown away by the revelation that Mandy is too scared to watch horror films! Listen at the end to take part in our next contest!

Can you believe it's been two years? We can't, but damned if we don't celebrate it tonight! Seanán, Jesse, Lindsey, Ally, and Dalton shoot the breeze about the past two years, share some favorite stories of the cast members, and keep it relatively inoffensive? It's exactly what you'd expect from us at this point.

It's the greatest week in wrestling - WrestleMania week! Mania 33 is THIS Sunday, and the PWU gang previews the entire card with picks, opinions, and more! We also give our thoughts on the NXT Takeover show on Saturday, cover some of the week's biggest news, and talk about our amazing time at Cape Championship Wrestling's March Malice event! All of this AND our first ever interview with the BEST of the BEST, Austin Lane!

March 26, 2017

Nerd Up

This week on Nerd Up Jesse is joined by Dalton, Asa, and Mandy to talk about Justice League, Power Rangers, DC's upcoming summer event, For Honor, and more!  Plus after the end of the episode the crew talks about Netflix's Iron Fist.  Warning, lots of spoilers.

March 23, 2017

Podzilla After Dark

The Big D decided to sit in on this episode of 1985 A.D., and boy did he regret it. Lil Fiddy is back with the Thursday gang as well, and they talk about what you all came here for - porno, porno, porno!! We also tackle the question of what is the greatest movie of all time, and spoiler alert - it isn't Ready To Rumble.

March 22, 2017

Pro Wrestling Unscripted

We start this week's show with very sad news about the unfortunate and sudden passing of JR's wife. We try to lighten the mood by talking about Southpaw Regional Pro Wrestling, Hardy news, CCW news, and much more! We also condemn the monsters exploiting Paige, and pray that plans change for Lesnar and Reigns before Wrestlemania 34.

It's a special episode tonight, as Dalton and CCW's Jason Wells joins the Tuesday show to pull back the curtain on what happens behind the scenes of Cape Championship Wrestling. Jason holds nothing back as we discuss CCW, his time in the wrestling business, and this weekend's March Malice show!

March 19, 2017

Nerd Up

This week Jesse Kimball is joined by Dalton Anthony, Asa Gray, and Lindsey Wolfgong to talk about Disney movies, Iron Fist, DC and Marvel news, Capcom's disney remakes, news on Switch availability and more!

March 16, 2017

Podzilla After Dark

Lil Fiddy joins the show tonight to tear apart those idiot kids on those obnoxious React videos! Plus - Coke sucks, chiggers are real, we talk music and trivia, and more! We're also honored to have a true champion do the Thursday intro!

March 15, 2017

Pro Wrestling Unscripted

The Big D is off this week, but in his place is MASSIVE RAGE at Impact's "reboot" under new owners Anthem. We talk about the horrific relaunch Impact show from last week, the company's obsession with WWE's past, and their treatment of the Hardy's. We also cover ROH's anniversary show, injuries, returns, new Mania matches, Daniel Bryan's future, and much more!

Nerd Up's Jesse Kimball joins the Tuesday show for a heapin' helpin' of anger and controversy. The gang discusses JonTron's recent debate about race and immigration in America, privilege, being offensive by accident, and more! Warning: there's a lot of anger in this episode and a couple of members lose their composure.

March 12, 2017

Nerd Up

This week on Nerd Up Jesse is joined by Mandy, Asa, and Lindsey to talk about Wolverine, Iron Fist, Destiny, Zelda, and much much more!

March 9, 2017

Podzilla After Dark

Mandy joins the Thursday show to take a vulgar trip down Nostalgia Lane as the gang discusses early 90's TV, The Legend of Zelda, Ultimate Beastmaster, abridged series, and mo' Moana! 

March 8, 2017

Pro Wrestling Unscripted

Who's ready for some rage? We review Fastlane and gosh, we weren't happy with the outcome. But it's not all doom and gloom - we talk about a very deserving HoF addition, Hardy news, FIRE PRO news, TNA news, and finish strong by talking about the amazing time we had at Stride's one year anniversary show!

The Tuesday gang is back after missing last week and they're here to talk about what kept them down - VIRUSES. Hear all about their struggle for survival! We're also getting in depth about the Nintendo Switch launch - what we like, what we don't like, and all kinds of launch issues!

March 5, 2017

Nerd Up

This week on Nerd Up Jesse Kimball is joined by Dalton Anthony, Asa Gray, and Mandy Kennedy to talk about some tech demos from GCD including Borderlands 3 and Crackdown 3, the Nintendo Switch, a spoiler free review of Logan, and much more!

It's a crazy week full of wrestling news - TNA releases, WWE releases, a new name for the Hall of Fame, Hardy news, an argument about Nia Jax, our Raw/Smackdown coverage, and so much more! We also preview this weekend's Stride show, and attempt to review CCW's Tag Team Warfare event but find our show hijacked by champion Brandon Barbwire! The champ talks about his match with Matt Hardy, calls out Sarge O'Riley, and demands answers from Jeff O'Dell!

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