August 28, 2015

Pro Wrestling Unscripted

The flagship is back! This week the team discusses TNA TV troubles, botched finishes, Eva Marie, and a game changing Monday Night RAW that brought us back to Dudleyville, gave Bo Dallas a one way ticket to Suplex City, put Jon Stewart down with an AA, unveiled Sting as the latest challenger to the WWE title, and made us ashamed of a Brooklyn crowd that tried to make themselves a part of the show, but ended up looking like jackasses who may have derailed the Diva's Revolution. All this and more!

August 26, 2015

Nerd Up Con Stories Pt. 1

This week Jesse is joined by Krista, Lindsey, and Stephanie for part one of a special series about our convention adventures. From anime to video games, we discuss the good, the bad, the ugly, and horribly uncomfortable. 

On tonight's split show, Kurt Mcdowell joins the PZ85 crew to talk about two important subjects. In the first half, Seanán, Kurt, Jesse, and Ethan discusses the tragic suicide of 18 year old Conrad Roy, who took his life last year after his girlfriend Michelle Carter goaded him into it, which has landed her on trial for involuntary manslaughter. The second half sees the gang talk about working in America. Are wages high enough? Will small business suffer if the minimum wage is increased? What about government assistance programs? All this and more in this Tuesday offering!

Seanán, Zach, Big Johnny, Cody, and Double H (via phone) give their thoughts on this weekend's two huge wrestling shows. Saturday's NXT event saw the debut of hot prospect Apollo Crews, Samoa Joe in action, new tag champs, a great ladder match for the NXT title, and a match of the year candidate in Sasha Banks defending her title against Bayley. If that wasn't enough, Sunday brought us Summerslam, which featured Jon Stewart as host (and eventual villain), Stephen Amell stepping into a WWE ring, lots of incredible action, and a heart stopping main event that had the entire studio glued to the television as the Undertaker sought revenge against Brock Lesnar for destroying the streak. It was an incredible weekend, and the boys recap it all here!

It's a huge weekend for wrestling fans, and the PWU gang is here to contain the madness! We preview NXT's huge Saturday event, which will see Samoa Joa in action, as well as Banks defending her women's title against Bayley, and Finn Balor defend the NXT title against Kevin Owens in a ladder match. In the second half of the show, the heroic trio lays out Summerslam's epic four hour event, including a heated argument over Cena and Rollins for the title, and the grudge match between Lesar and Undertaker. Previews, opinions, and the MF'er of the week, all included in this week's show!

August 18, 2015


In another emotionally charged episode, Seanán discusses the march to death of humanity and common sense alongside Jesse, Big Johnny, and Lindsey. The foursome point out some of the biggest causes of humankind's decline, talk about how the internet has created a new breed of stupid, bash the Kardashians, argue about religion, and condemn the sickening greed of televangelists. Also - Asa, CJ, and Rambo make an appearance!

August 17, 2015

Nerd Up

This week Jesse, Seanan, Stephanie, and CJ talk about Del Toro, Xur Day, MMOs, and D23 Expo.

After answering your questions, Jesse and Chris talk about Chris's con experience at the first annual Kansas City Comic Con.

August 16, 2015

Sunday Random Sunday

Double H makes his debut on this week's SRS! Sort of! Marvel at the gang as they try to decide when this program will air, or what it's even about! Amidst the confusion there is an entertaining series of awkward questions for Tanner, talk about how low budget horror films were the top 10 grossing films of the past 5 years and how they out performed bigger budget blockbusters, why Alice in Wonderland 2 is being made, Gamestop memories, sex jokes, and more! 

August 14, 2015

Pro Wrestling Unscripted

The PWU gang discuss RAW this week, including - Stephen Amell's face to face confrontation with Stardust, WWE management's shot at Kevin Owens' weight, Sheamus cashing in his MITB briefcase after Rollins took on Orton, and much more news from around the wrestling world. Plus, did Chyna confront HHH at Roddy Piper's funeral? And - you'll never believe who Zach nominated as MF'er of the week!

We're Tannerless in the studio again this week, but The Man Himself does appear via phone to ask a very important question to Asa. Tonight's show is all about fan questions, and the topics range from Power Rangers to Pokemon, wrestling, James Bond, prostitution, how terrifying Joe Jackson is, and how to score a sex date with your favorite cast member for $100. This one is for all the fans out there!

August 12, 2015

Nerd Up RTX Special

Steven, Stephanie, Krista, and Jesse spent their weekend in Austin Texas at the Rooster Teeth Expo and decided to record a show in the hotel!

Seanán, Jesse, and Cody talk about a health scare that recently befell by a friend, the problems with health care in America, Obamacare, and how one illness could ruin you financially for the rest of your life. It's a scary topic, but one that everyone needs to think about seriously. Plus, our first live phone call, even though it was unintentional! WARNING - Cody experienced some mic problems tonight, as he yells and screams louder than Jimmy Hart with a megaphone. Your ears have been warned!

August 9, 2015

Sunday Random Sunday

On today's episode - the continued baffling success of Donald Trump's presidential campaign despite his every attempt to ruin it, Destiny, Reddit, vacations, Star Wars, Porkins, gender identification, bat-kins, and we also manage to offend every alternative lifestyle in America. Just another day at the office.

August 8, 2015

Pro Wrestling Unscripted

This week. the wrasslin' crew talks about the legacy of Rowdy Roddy Piper, Dana White's attack on wrestling, WWE's diva-porn connection, Little Caesers, their favorite wrestling titles, and the week's hottest news.  

Round two of our special Pokemon conspiracy edition of Tanner Thursday sees a new guest join the fray! Zac Kurgas joins Tanner, Seanán, and Lindsey to talk more fan theories, creepy Pokedex entries, and more. Is Ash a clone? Are Pokemon mutated real world animals? Did Angelica dream up the rest of the Rugrats to deal with the death of her meth addict mother? Find out in this exciting episode, which also includes MORE fan questions answered by the panel!

Jesse and Chris discuss crossovers and events in comic books!  Like the good hosts they are, they managed to answer all your questions, too!  (We hope..)  If you're not satisfied with their answers, post it and they'll address it in the next episode.

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