June 28, 2015

Sunday Random Sunday

The Sunday show is back after a month hiatus (thank you, WWE PPV's), and in the latest edition, Seanán, Jesse, Lindsey, and CJ talk about gay marriage, Donald Trump's presidential dreams, Playboy, Marvel, cat hunting, and much more. Also, Seanán reveals important news about the future of Podzilla 1985!

June 27, 2015

Wrestling Unscripted

After the controversy stemming from Friday's show, the PWU gang is back to provide some light hearted commentary on the week in wrestling. Is Ziggler gone from the WWE? Did anyone ever recover Mickie James' corpse? What's Jeff Jarrod doing in the Impact Zone?!

In the most heated episode yet, Seanán is joined by Pentanerd's Jesse and Asa to discuss the monumental ruling that made gay marriage legal in the entire United States, the importance and meaning of the Confederate flag, and the tragic shooting in South Carolina.

After the 50th episode debacle, the gang is back to form as they discuss the greatest action films, action stars, Hulk Hogan, and throw in a little Confederate flag controversy for good measure.

We never thought we'd make it this far, but here we are at 50 episodes! In this retrospective, the gang spends an hour talking about nothing in particular, while a couple of special guests pop in to wish the show a happy 50th. It's an hour of everything you've come to expect from PZ85....for better or worse. Plus, Zach nearly dies again!

Seanán and Ethan are joined by Pentanerd's Jesse Kimball and Steven Bright to discuss all things E3 - who won, who lost, and what games have the world salivating the most. Plus, a special guest drops by to sit in!

June 17, 2015

Wrestling Unscripted

Seanán, Double H, and Zach talk about the fallout (no pun intended) from Money in the Bank,Monday Night RAW, and try to make sense of the diva's division. Spoiler alert - they fail.

In this special Gaming Grounds friendly edition, Seanán and Real Rock 99.3's Double H talk about Bethesda's excellent Fallout 4 presentation at E3, and also give their impressions on some of the things the expo has shown us so far.

Seanán, Zach, Asa, and Jordan are joined by SEMO ESPN Radio's Cody Sandusky to discuss Money in the Bank. The gang gets heated over the Diva's division, and Zach laughs so much he almost throws up live on the air. Plus, Ambrose faces off with his arch rival, an inanimate monitor, once more in the main event!

Seanán, Double H, and Zach preview WWE's fourth PPV in eight weeks, give their predictions, and give a vital update on the fate of Mickie James.

Due to a kitten delay, we're posting Tanner Thursday on a Friday. Hopefully it's worth the wait, as Tanner, Jesse, and Jordan join the show to talk about their favorite comedies and quote a lot of Blazing Saddles. Plus, enjoy the Has Jordan Seen It drinking game!

June 11, 2015

Dusty Rhodes Passes Away

We are saddened to report that the "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes has passed away at age 69. Seanán and Zach talk a little bit about his legacy in this special podcast.

June 6, 2015

Wrestling Unscripted

Seanán, Double H, and Zach talk about all the weekly news, including a scary injury during Samoa Joe's first WWE match and Mickie James' untimely television demise in an abandoned train station. Also, Seanán and Double H talk about Fallout 4, which Zach knows absolutely nothing about.

In this special Tanner-less show, the gang shares some horror stories and humorous tales about working with the general public.

Seanán, Asa, Jordan, Tanner, and the unbanned Big Johnny go over the results for the latest WWE Network only PPV. It was a great show with a slew of surprises, including one huge victory that has the wrestling world buzzing!

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