Podzilla 1985


June 4, 2019

Lots of talented people have been regulars on PZ85 over the years, and we wanted to pay tribute to (almost all of) them!


Double H was one of the founding voices of PZ85 and mentor to Seanán. A popular DJ, his skill in radio helped put PZ85 on the map and was the original co-host of Pro Wrestling Unscripted. 

Zach Price, or the "Coach" as he liked to be called, was an original co-host of Podzilla 1985 and one of the driving forces behind it's creation. He is a multimedia master, cameraman, and awful at Super Mario Maker.

Krista Francis was an original cast member of Pentanerd which went on to be Nerd Up after the founding of the PZ85 Network. She is an avid gamer, streamer, and ball of rage unlike anything PZ85 has seen since.

Cody Sandusky was host of the Sports Show on PZ85, as well as a weekly contributor behind the scenes. His position as a successful radio sports host took him away from being on air with PZ85, but he found new happiness as a recently married man!

Chris Eddleman was cohost of "The Marvelous Jesse & Chris" comic book show on PZ85, and went on to start his own podcast "Chrises On Infinite Earths" with his wife, which you can check out here!

John Massey served many roles on PZ85 - wrestling commentator, medium, pop culture analyst, and more. Big Johnny was loud, outspoken, and one of the most recognizable voices on the show.

Steven Bright Another founding member of Pentanerd that has made an appearance or two on Nerd Up. His skill at gaming was only beaten by his furious rage at...well, everything.

CJ Tatum was the calm voice of reason on PZ85. He was another original member of Pentanerd, and found success bouncing back and forth between light hearted fare like video games and serious topics like riots, protesting, and injustice.

Jordan Lowry served as the pre-Dalton, who found himself the target of the other cast members. An unapologetic sports and wrestling fanatic, he was a regular on pWu and many other programs on the Network, as well as being one of the original members of the cast.

Stephanie, or "Moose" as she preferred to be called, was an original cast member on Pentanerd that carried over to Nerd Up on PZ85. She is quick witted with a sharp tongue, and she was an outspoken voice on the network before returning back to her home planet.