Pro Wrestling Unscripted Supershow 06-21-17

June 21, 2017

Whole lot to cover this week - we review MitB, argue over Maria/Mike, shame WWE for their booking in the women's ladder match, talk about RAW's big return, discuss 2k18's cover athlete and his odd reveal, and more! Asa and Dalton rave about their recent time at Stride Pro Wrestling, and we preview this weekend's Cape Championship Wrestling's event Inferno!!!


Pro Wrestling Unscripted SuperShow 06-07-17

June 7, 2017

This week we discuss unfortunate news for the legendary Harley Race, WCPW's continued fight against Youtube, that amazing Samoa Joe/Paul Heyman segment from RAW, our thoughts on Extreme Rules, and answer the age old question - does Sasha Banks think the Great Balls of Fire logo is a little...suggestive? Plus - a Stride Pro Wrestling review AND preview!!! 


Pro 100 & The Wrestling Star Unscripted 06-06-17

June 6, 2017

In this special Mr. 100 & the Five Star Man/pWu hybrid, Cape Championship Wrestling bigwig Jason Wells joins to the show to drop some exclusive CCW news - Fite TV's debut date, new wrestlers appearing at CCW Inferno, and more! The gang also plays "can you book them" and manages to not embarass themselves. WARNING - some brief strong language in this episode!


Pro Wrestling Unscripted Supershow 5-31-2017

May 31, 2017

Stride Pro Wrestling and Cape Championship Wrestling superstar "Farmer" Billy Hills is in the studio this week to answer your questions! We also talk about the awful RAW rating, the Bayley/Alexa Bliss abomination from Monday, more "dive" controversy, good news for Sean Waltman, and so much more! We also preview Extreme Rules (sorta) and this weekend's Stride show!


Pro Wrestling Unscripted Supershow 05-24-17

May 24, 2017

LOTS of news and notes to cover this week in our longest episode EVER! This week we try to make sense of the Matt Hardy/Impact feud, discuss the Mae Young Classic, remember the Macho Man Randy Savage, talk about Jinder Mahal making history, and more! We also recap NXT Takeover Chicago, Backlash, and Cape Championship Wrestling's Ashlynn McClure Memorial! For you CCW fans, you can find that discussion at around the 1 hour and 18 minute mark, but we hope you stay for the whole show!


Pro Wrestling Unscripted 05-17-17

May 17, 2017

It's a BIG weekend for wrestling, and the PWU gang is here to give you the low down on all of it! Cape Championship Wrestling owner Jason Wells and former champion Brandon Barbwire is in the studio to talk about NXT Takeover: Chicago, Backlash, and the big CCW Ashlynn McClure Memorial Show! Plus - is Randy Orton wrestling's biggest douchebag? Dive on in to the disccussion!


Pro Wrestling Unscripted

May 10, 2017

Injuries, injuries, injuries! Some of our favorite stars are on the mend and we give you the low down. We also discuss Daniel and Brie's just announced bundle of joy, a new WWE lawsuit, info on the WWE UK show and their women's tournament, and all the rest of the week's hottest news! Plus - Asa and Dalton discuss the amazing Stride Pro Wrestling show from the weekend!


Pro Wrestling Unscripted

May 3, 2017

Yes. We're going to bash House of Horrors. A lot. We also recap the excellent Payback, debate the success of MMA fighters in pro wrestling, discuss Sean Waltman's most recent legal trouble, and much more! Plus - we have your Stride Pro Wrestling preview for this weekend's show!


Pro Wrestling Unscripted Supershow

April 26, 2017

Mauro is gone, Asuka breaks a huge record, Mick Foley is on the road to recovery, and are you ready for the return of BIG POPPA PUMP!?!? We discuss this and more, including our huge weekend with Cape Championship Wrestling at Girl Fight and the Super Show!


Pro Wrestling Unscripted - Comic Con Edition

April 19, 2017

Comic Con week rolls on as the PWU gang welcomes back Cape Championship Wrestling head honchos Jason Wells and Lee Montgomery to cover the weeks hottest news, make some exclusive announcements, and preview both Girl Fight and this weekend's CCW Super Show! Plus - why is Lee alone on his own personal island?