Pro Wrestling Unscripted 08-16-17

August 16, 2017

Its a huge week for wrestling as GFW's Destination X, NXT's Takeover, and WWE's Summerslam all happen over the next few days, and the pWu gang is here to sort them out for you! We also cover a surprising return at G1, exits from GFW, continuing drama for Alberto El Patron, Daniel Bryan, WWE 2K18's roster reveal, updates on Ric Flair, and more!


Pro Wrestling Unscripted Supershow 08-09-17

August 9, 2017

Big show this week as the pWu gang talks about their time with Stride Pro Wrestling at Hot August Night 2! We also discuss a plethora of injuries that have hit the wrestling world, lack of respect and attention to women's wrestling, Rousey to WWE, G1 news, and we say goodbye to the one and only Eva Marie. Stay tuned to the end, when Cape Championship Wrestling superstar D'Mone Solavino calls in to talk about his quest to get a match against Kevin Lee Davidson!


Mr. 100 & The Five Star Man 08-08-17

August 8, 2017

CCW overlord Jason Wells joins the Tuesday gang to share some exclusive news about Cape Championship Wrestling Homecoming 2, and sticks around to talk about what goes on behind the scenes. We get his pick for CCW's next break out star, talk about the impact of social media on the wrestling business, and much more! We also answer some fan questions!


Pro Wrestling Unscripted Supershow 08-02-2017

August 2, 2017

This week pWu talks about our time with Cape Championship Wrestling, as they celebrated their one year anniversary over the weekend! We also dish the dirt on the WWE 2K18 Cena (Nuff) Edition, talk network cancellations, cover some unfortunate injuries, get #woke, and much more! Plus - we preview this weekend's epic Stride Pro Wrestling show!


Pro Wrestling Unscripted Supershow 07-26-17

July 26, 2017

Cape Championship Wrestling co-owner Barry James Karafa joins the show for the first time to discuss the week in wrestling news! Tonight we talk about the dumpster fire that was Battleground, Global Force Wrestling news, New Japan news, why Jim Cornette finally crossed the line for Mr. 100, and much more! We also preview this weekend's CCW Anniversary show, and Barry talks new wrestling figures with Dalton!


Pro Wrestling Unscripted Supershow 07-19-17

July 19, 2017

Loaded show this week as Cape Championship Wrestling head honcho Jason Wells is in the studio to talk about the CCW Anniversary show next week! He also gives us a preview of big names you can expect in CCW in the next coming months, and gets nostalgic with the gang over a year of CCW action. We also cover the week's biggest news, including - more Paige drama, Vampiro drama, Hardy drama, Battleground ticket sales, that weird Angle/Jordan segment from RAW, and much more! And we have a VERY special guest! Tonight, making her first pWu appearance, is none other than CCW women's champion Little Bit!


Pro Wrestling Unscripted Supershow 07-12-17

July 12, 2017

In our top story this week, Alberto El Patron is suspended from GFW after an altercation with Paige thrusts the couple into the spotlight. We also discuss the sudden release of Austin Aries, more participants for the Mae Young Classic, Hardy drama, Great Balls of Fire, and much more! And don't miss out on Asa and Dalton's weekend adventure with Stride Pro Wrestling and Glory Pro!


Pro Wrestling Unscripted 07-05-17

July 5, 2017

Whole lots to cover - from Jim Cornette turning his Russo restraining order into a charity drive, to Kevin Owens and the Exceptionally Selling Bluray, NXT, Anthem news, Great Balls of Fire, unfortunate news for WWE mega fan Maria Menounos, we cover it all. Plus this week - Stride, Glory Pro, and more! 


Pro Wrestling Unscripted 06-28-17

June 28, 2017

Cody Rhodes wins the big one, we have more names for the Mae Young Classic, Mauro returns to WWE, Vince Russo out dirtbags Jim Cornette, we tear apart the embarassing Lavar Ball segment from RAW, and so much more this week on pWu! We also review the epic Cape Championship Wrestling Inferno event from last event, so you'll want to skip to about the 24 minute mark if you're not looking for the best indy wrestling in the world!


Pro Wrestling Unscripted Supershow 06-21-17

June 21, 2017

Whole lot to cover this week - we review MitB, argue over Maria/Mike, shame WWE for their booking in the women's ladder match, talk about RAW's big return, discuss 2k18's cover athlete and his odd reveal, and more! Asa and Dalton rave about their recent time at Stride Pro Wrestling, and we preview this weekend's Cape Championship Wrestling's event Inferno!!!