Podzilla After Dark 4-5-18

April 5, 2018

Mandy Kennedy has a filthy mouth tonight on an all new episode of "S@#t Mandy Says!" We also reveal the most boring city in Missouri, spend an uncomfortable amount of time talking about local strip clubs, and reveal 10 of our favorite toys of all time!


Podzilla After Dark - 3 Year Celebration!

March 29, 2018

The Thursday gang welcomes photographer and documentary film maker RE Casper from Street PX to talk about his new project! We also resurrect the MF'er of the week and reveal our ten favorite animes in a hilarious episode that may have finally pushed the envelope too far! Happy anniversary, Podzilla 1985!


Podzilla After Dark 3-22-18

March 22, 2018

Tonight's show is a random mess of hilarity and awkward stalling. Plus, who DOESN'T like talking about mucus and other bodily functions!? Also - SOAP OPERAS!


Podzilla After Dark 3-15-18

March 15, 2018

Mr. 100 is back with stories to tell! Mandy ALSO has stories to tell about how she didn't completely choke in front of her idol! We also lament the death of Toys R Us, and pledge that we will always be Toys R Us kids.


Podzilla After Dark 3-8-18

March 8, 2018

Warning - tonight definitely lives up to the mature rating! It's a rambling kind of show that will definitely leave you with the feeling that you just listened to a podcast!


Podzilla After Dark 3-1-18

March 1, 2018

Can Mr. 100 make it through this episode without being murdered by Mandy for talking ill of League of Legends? Tune in to find out! We also talk about video games, video game violence, and the sudden (and never ending) war against the creative arts.


Podzilla After Dark 2-8-18

February 8, 2018

Happy birthday, Lindsey! We have a new sponsor, and don't look it up on Urban Dictionary! Tonight we talk about Mr. 100's health scare, the cycle of life and death, technology as the afterlife, and manage to sneak in some talk about Venom, Deadpool 2, and Cloverfield Paradox!


Podzilla After Dark 2-1-18

February 1, 2018

It's a three part show this week, as we kick off the night by talking to Andy Pritchett about the big UFC event taking place at the Golden Corral next week, bemoan the just released designs for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, and reveal some of the biggest influences in our lives. And (almost) positively absolutely no Donald Trump!


Podzilla After Dark 1-25-18

January 25, 2018

How many times can the term cuckold be used in one episode? Tonight we find out. In between the inane chatter between hosts about the Doomsday clock and the cool factor of Hotmail, there's also a pretty important discussion about gun control in America in the wake of the recent Kentucky shooting.


Podzilla After Dark 1-18-18

January 18, 2018

Is Mountain Dew the worst soda in the world? Is Long John Silvers awful or awesome? We answer the hard questions tonight, as well as talk about the dumbest things we've done in lieu of the Tide pod challenge stupidity. There's also some stuff in here about penile implants and solitare, but we'll leave it to you to find it...