Podzilla After Dark 6-14-18

June 14, 2018

Tonight may be too offensive for some listeners - mostly those in Virginia. Otherwise, enjoy your Thursday treats - bad jokes, the MF'er of the week, health talk, and who WE wish were in the new Smash Brothers!


Podzilla After Dark 6-7-18

June 7, 2018

Tonight we answer the age old question - who is the better Kim, Kimmy Schmidt or Kim Possible? We also nominate quite a few MFer's of the week, and talk about our favorite movies that we never get tired of watching! Plus, shockingly, Mandy flips out over something!


Podzilla After Dark 5-31-18

May 31, 2018

Tonight the gang tackles the big Roseanne Barr controversy and call for some damn decency in the nation. Meanwhile, Mr. 100 calls for some peace and quiet on his Facebook page. We also award the MF'er of the week, and reveal places we will never ever go to again!


Podzilla After Dark 5-24-18

May 24, 2018

Tonight's episode has a very important message for a friend. We also talk about a certain someone's sex life, the tragedy of fur babies, why Fortnite is just the worst, and places we would love to visit - both real and fantastical!


Podzilla After Dark 5-17-18

May 17, 2018

No more air horns! The gang had a bad day today, but no amount of irritances will keep our heroes from doing what they do best - mindless banter! We also award our MF'er of the week, and it's past due for sure. Plus - we talk about books that influenced our lives!


Podzilla After Dark 5-10-18

May 10, 2018

Who loves Jesse Kimball!?! And who will HE love after the show is over? Tonight we find out, and we also reveal the results of who picked a worse superhero - Mandy or Lindsey? Come for the MF'er of the week, and stay for our list of things we miss that we can't have anymore. PLUS - we COMPLIMENT Donald Trump?!!? MADNESS!


Podzilla After Dark 5-3-18

May 3, 2018

Tonight, in a very special episode, Mandy reveals a secret to the gang that will change their relationship forever. We also talk about new cars, a lack of new places to live, award our MF'er of the week (and it's hard to choose!), and talk about some of our biggest guilty pleasures. 


Podzilla After Dark 4-26-18

April 26, 2018

How far can we stretch the meaning of the word "superhero" tonight on the show? Just call us Stretch Armstrong! We also award our MF'er of the week, and boy is it a deserved one! Plus - where in the world is....Jesse Kimball?


Podzilla After Dark 4-19-18

April 19, 2018

The word of the day is music, and tonight we count down 10 of our favorite albums of all time. Except for Mandy. Mandy got 20. Mr. 100 shares a personal story relating to the MF'er of the week, and as always - unnecessary swearing!


Podzilla After Dark 4-12-18

April 12, 2018

The filth continues this week as Mandy continues her war against decency! We also award our MF'er of the Week to a truly deserving individual, and talk about 10 of our favorite non animated TV shows of all time!