Mr. 100 & The Five Star Man - Half(the)time Heroes!

December 4, 2018

It's a half hour episode tonight due to battery issues! But the half hour we did record is SOLID GOLD. It's mostly playful banter about the big Simon Belmont vs. King K Rool match set for next week, but we also throw in some general discussion about Smash Bros and some Red Dead Online/Fallout 76 discussion! VIDEO GAMES!


Mr. 100 & The Five Star Man - Stan Lee

November 13, 2018

This week we talk about the unfortunate passing of legendary comics creator Stan Lee - his life, his legacy, and our favorite creations. 


Mr. 100 & The Five Star Man 10-16-18

October 16, 2018

Mr. 100 and the 5 Star Man get a little spooky and a lot ridiculous tonight as they tackle a list of urban legends by state. From giant toadmen to haunted playgrounds, it's guaranteed to be a howl!


Mr. 100 & The Five Star Man 10-2-18

October 2, 2018

The dynamic duo is back after a month hiatus, and they brought a Kimball with them! Tonight the trio talks about this holiday's huge gaming releases - what we're excited about, what we're afraid of, and WHO is Ivy's father!??


Mr. 100 & The Five Star Man 8-21-18

August 21, 2018

Tonight's completely planned out and rehearsed episode of Mr. 100/5 Star Man focuses on toys specifically, with no room for monkeyshines. Trust us, we're lawyers!


Mr. 100 & The Five Star Man 7-24-18

July 24, 2018

Tonight we tackle the recent controversy surrounding digging up old tweets and using them against people, talk about the unfortunate news today about Demi Lovato, and go for round two on our thoughts about trailers coming out SDCC 2018 including, yes, GODZILLA KING OF THE MONSTERS!


The Five Star Man & Mr. 100 7-10-18

July 10, 2018

The boys are back! Tonight Mr. 100 and the 5 Star Man are Ally-less but manage to have a coherent discussion about pineapples, pizza, health, hernia surgery updates, and who the best Marvel movie villain is. Welcome back!


Mr. 100 & The Five Star Man 6-26-18

June 26, 2018

The Big D sits in with us tonight, and the panel starts off by talking about a very serious subject that quickly devolves into discussion about Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, music at your workplace, and, of course, Air Bud. Plus - can the Tuesday crew stop Dalton from using the F word on a family friendly show?!


Mr 100 & The Five Star Man - E3 INSANITY

June 12, 2018

Mr. 100 and the Five Star Man call in help from Nerd Up's Jesse and Dalton to talk about 2018's E3 event. What were they impressed by this year? Which company was underwhelming? Why should EA be renamed "Can't Get Right?" Find out tonight!


Mr. 100 & The Five Star Man 5-15-18

May 15, 2018

Cape Championship Wrestler owner Jason Wells returns to PZ85 to preview this weekend's extremely important Ashlynn McClure Memorial show! The gang also talks Super Show II fallout, indy wrestling troubles, and some Eric Andre goodness to cap off the night.