Mr. 100 & The Five Star Man 4-17-18

April 17, 2018

Mr. 100 and the Five Star Man are back after almost a month off, and they bring with them a smorgasbord of topics. From Starbucks controversy to porn addiction, you can expect the unexpected tonight!


Mr. 100 & The Five Star Man 3-6-18

March 6, 2018

Tonight we talk about the things we hated before we ever even gave it a chance, AND the things we were excited about and ended up hating. There's also some stuff in here about 90's superhero TV shows and that damn Szechaun sauce...


Mr. 100 Origin Stories & The Five Star Man Who Laughs

February 20, 2018

Ally is out tonight but we got an A+ ringer to fill in! Nerd Up's Jesse joins the show tonight to talk all about the Joker. The internet is going nuts about Joaquin Phoenix possibly playing the man who laughs in a new movie, and we want to put our two cents in! 


Mr. 100 & The Five Star Man 1-16-18

January 16, 2018

Tonight's all bout ice, We lament the winter hellscape we find ourselves in now, and afterwards talk about those weird Japanese shows on Spike TV in the early 2000's, the state of virtual reality, and briefly discuss Netflix's most expensive original - Bright!


Mr 100 & The Five Star Man 1-02-18

January 2, 2018

Mr. 100 and the Five Star Man are back after their Christmas break, and have the joyless responsibility of talking about the Logan Paul incident that has set the internet on fire. We take creators to task for what they try to get away with, and call out YouTube for the way they are handling this travesty. We also sharing some personal experiences with depression, suicide, and where we go from here.


Mr. 100 & The Five Star Man - 12-05-17

December 5, 2017

One batch, two batch...penny and dime. Tonight's episode is all about Marvel's Netflix series The Punisher. We talk about what we liked, what we didn't like, where it ranks on our lists, and who got the most brutal ending (hint - it's exactly who you think). We also sprinkle in some Justice League thoughts, and news about a major development on the popular comedy website Cracked! SPOILER ALERT - this episode spoils major plotlines in both The Punisher and Justice League!


Mr. 100 & The Five Star Man 11-21-17

November 21, 2017

This week Dalton joins the Tuesday gang to have frank discussions about Star Wars Battlefront II, Animal Crossing on phones, the death (and baffling sadness) over the death of Charles Manson, pedohpiles in office, and net neutrality. We also say our goodbyes to the beloved Dr. Sheds.


Mr. 100 & The Five Star Man 11-7-17

November 7, 2017

Mr. 100 and the Five Star Man are back this week with a show about viruses and how they cancel shows, what the trio has been playing and watching, a really strange conversation about the Looney Toons characters if they were members of the Four Horsemen, and a whole bunch of praise for Tales From the Crypt!


Mr. 100 & The Five Star Man - Worst Video Games EVER

October 24, 2017

It's two weeks late, but here we a-go!!! Tonight Mr. 100, the Five Star Man, and Ally (Not ACTUALLY a Bear) talk about the worst video games of ALL TIME. We read our picks, the internet's picks, and our fan's choices!


Mr. 100 & The Five Star Man 10-10-17

October 10, 2017

Tonight's episode clocks in at just over 30 minutes due to a power issue, but in that 30 minutes we manage to pack in some remarks about Harvey Weinstein and give our thoughts on the epic new Star Wars trailer! We also give a sneak peak of our next episode - the worst video games of all time!