I Want to Believe - Genetic Engineering

July 17, 2018

This month on IWTB we give some much deserved love to the legendary Joe Bob Briggs and The Last Drive In, talk about alien abDUCKtion, weeping statues, haunted highways, and go in depth about CRISPR and the dangers of messing with DNA!


I Want to Believe - The Final Frontier

June 19, 2018

It's an intruiging episode of IWTB tonight, as the spooky squad talk about everything from time travel to murderous robots, ghostly friends, and more! The main topic tonight is about the universe - what is our relation to it, and can it really be policed?


I Want to Believe - Paul Blake Smith & the Cape Girardeau UFO Crash of 1941

June 9, 2018

In a very special weekend edition of IWTB, Seanán and Tanner welcome author Paul Blake Smith to the program to talk about his books on the historic but lesser known UFO crash and recovery in PZ85's hometown of Cape Girardeau, MO, that predated Roswell by six years.


I Want to Believe - Psychics

May 22, 2018

Ethan & Lindsey fill in for Tanner this month, and the spooky squad talk memory transferal, if a ghost's testimony is admissible in court, wasting money on the paranormal, and answer the age old question - is Bigfoot flat? Our main topic is about psychics and whether or not they can really tap into the supernatural, or if they're just scam artists looking to exploit the desperate. Spoiler alert - don't get your hopes up.


I Want to Believe - Open Forum

April 24, 2018

Tonight on IWTB we change things up by opening up our show to YOUR questions and comments about the paranormal. We also talk about a strange case of mass possession in Colombia, suicide booths, ants on a mission, alien spirits, and how ghosts can be your ticket to lower rent!


I Want to Believe - Ghosts

March 27, 2018

Three new fascinating cases of UFO sightings have rocked the internet, including a new declassified video from the Pentagon itself. We dive into the continuing UFO epidemic this week, and also talk about self driving cars, technology killing us all, our trip to the Lemp mansion, and in our main discussion - ghosts!


I Want to Believe - Immortality

February 27, 2018

What did pilots and air traffic controllers see in the skies over Oregon on a sunny day in October of last year? Tonight we discuss this little known but fascinating UFO sighting, and talk about the new horror film Winchester and the real life mystery house it's based on. Our main topic is immortality - is it a scientific possibility, and what are the consequences of living forever?


I Want to Believe - Science vs. Supernatural

January 23, 2018

This month's episode of the weird show focuses on the struggle between science and the fantastic. Can the two coexist? Can science explain the supernatural? We also cover the most interesting tidbits from the paranormal world, including genies, UFOs, and a whole bunch of sasquatch.


I Want to Believe - UFO’s & The Government

December 19, 2017

The NY Times blew the doors wide open with their recent article on a top secret government study on UFO's, and tonight we're going to give the facts about one of the most important developments in ufology. Is it a government conspiracy? Are we close to making contact with extraterrestrials? Why is the Pentagon suddenly coming forth with such secret information, and does it have anything to do with the recent mass UFO sighting seen over the United States?


I Want to Believe - Extraterrestrials

November 28, 2017

Lindsey fills in for Tanner this evening, and the spooky crew talks all about aliens, UFO's, and the mystery surrounding them. Are we being visited by beings from another planet? Or, are we being misled by our own government so they can carry out top secret operations right under our nose?