Podzilla After Dark 06-29-17

June 29, 2017

Tonight we discuss the hot topics of the week - Trump's idiotic and misogynistic tweet against Mia Brzezinski, the GOP's health care reform that's on life support, how CNN gave all journalists a black eye for reporting literal fake news, online dating, our obsession with JD Wilk, and more! Plus we read YOUR pick up lines for one Jesse Kimball and, yes, he swoons.


Pro Wrestling Unscripted 06-28-17

June 28, 2017

Cody Rhodes wins the big one, we have more names for the Mae Young Classic, Mauro returns to WWE, Vince Russo out dirtbags Jim Cornette, we tear apart the embarassing Lavar Ball segment from RAW, and so much more this week on pWu! We also review the epic Cape Championship Wrestling Inferno event from last event, so you'll want to skip to about the 24 minute mark if you're not looking for the best indy wrestling in the world!


Pro Wrestling Unscripted Presents: Cody Wilson

June 27, 2017

In the first official installment of the pWu Presents series, CCW and Kansas City star Cody Wilson is in the spsotlight. Cody talks about his inspirations, his thoughts on wrestling today, his training, where he wants to be in life, a shared love of 12 Oz. Mouse, and more! 


Nerd Up 06-25-17

June 25, 2017

This week on Nerd Up Jesse, Asa, and Dalton talk about recent announcements with Han Solo and Spider-man, Pokemon GO, Grand Theft Auto, and the Dark Knights Metal checklist.


Podzilla After Dark 06-22-17

June 22, 2017

Thursday rage is back! Cosby, the murder of Philando Castile, Michelle Carter....so many things to be angry about!!! We also lighten the mood with talk of Pokemon Go, Dracula, and big penis problems.


Pro Wrestling Unscripted Supershow 06-21-17

June 21, 2017

Whole lot to cover this week - we review MitB, argue over Maria/Mike, shame WWE for their booking in the women's ladder match, talk about RAW's big return, discuss 2k18's cover athlete and his odd reveal, and more! Asa and Dalton rave about their recent time at Stride Pro Wrestling, and we preview this weekend's Cape Championship Wrestling's event Inferno!!!


Mr. 100 & The Five Star Man 06-20-17

June 20, 2017

Is Batman and Robin your favorite Batman movie? This show isn't for you. Tonight we're tearing down the franchise killers that put our favorite things on the chopping block, and reading YOUR choices on the air! We also discuss the growing controversy over mods in the gaming community and what it could mean for the future!


Giant Sized Nerd Up - E3 2017

June 18, 2017

This week on Nerd Up Jesse is joined by Dalton, Asa, and Seanan to talk about this year's E3!  We break down each of the conferences and talk about what we liked and disliked! Plus - Billy makes an appearance and immediately derails us!


Podzilla After Dark 06-15-17

June 15, 2017

Real talk this week when Mr. 100, Jesse, and Lindsey talk about the horrifying GOP shooting, free speech in America, the war on journalism, hate speech, and more! We also explain the circumstances behind last night's lost episode and, of course, Ducktales!


Mr. 100 & The Five Star Man 06-13-17

June 13, 2017

Do not listen to this episode on an empty stomach! The Tuesday trio talk a lot about food this week, and Mr. 100 lays out a challenge to all PZ85 fans to slap down one Jesse Kimball! More importantly we answer the age old question - peanut butter sandwiches with chili?